What to do during, and after, your child’s next temper tantrum

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Today, I want to share about a really cool thing one of my private coaching clients did recently.
It helped her:
– Make the most of her time at home (she’s a busy single mom)
– Enjoy family time with her 3-year-old son.


Mama Llama, who keeps her identity anonymous in the community, posted in recently about an extremely difficult daycare pickup and evening:
“[On the way home] he yelled and kicked my seat. He flipped out getting out of the car at home grabbing things out of my hands and screaming.”
That wasn’t all:
“He thrashed around the lobby stomping and hitting the mailboxes. We finally made our way upstairs where he continued to scream and kick and hit.”
And even THAT wasn’t all:
“He lost [the privilege of playing with a toy] for the night and the hitting and kicking got worse and he started throwing toys at me.”

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Podcast Episode 184: Three Steps to Handling Homework Woes – Part 2 of the Back-to-School Guide

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If you’re struggling with back-to-school time, or starting-school time – I’m creating shows this month and next to help you feel better.

Today’s is all about homework.

Over the years I’ve had parents share the most horrible stories about homework and their little kids, like the mom whose six-year-old received an afterschool detention for missing four homework assignments in a row.
That one still makes me choke a little.

Or the one about a child forced to miss recess because of a parent’s failure to log in and do the required “family homework.”

When medical ethicist Dr. Arthur Caplan comes on this show and says “recess is a right,” as he did in this episode last spring, I smile at his words.

But my blood pressure goes up.
Way up, at the thought of you and your young son or daughter coping with outrageous, damaging policies like these.

So today I’m taking everything my own training and experience tells me, and everything the wonderful teachers and doctors and folks who really understand young children (and who’ve spoken up on my show) – and I’m boiling it down into three steps to help you handle crazy homework demands.

Go to weturnedoutokay.com/184 for key links, and to read an outline of the three steps.
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