077: Parenting Introverts, Parenting Extroverts – Part Two

Today’s episode centers on a part of every human’s innate personality: the trait of introversion or extroversion. (Click here or go to weturnedoutokay.com/074 to listen to part one, about parenting introverts – today is about parenting extroverts.)

Where are you happiest – among people, in a noisy, large group, or quietly, in solitude or hanging with just a few people? Does one of the above situations drain you, while the other seems absolutely perfect?

When you think about your young child – does she prefer noisy, loud fun, or is she more quiet and contemplative? Does he get his energy from the same place as you?

Everyone falls somewhere on this introvert/extrovert scale, and figuring out where we fall – and, where our children fall – on the scale can mean coexisting more peacefully and enjoyably with our kids.

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Key Links:

Today, we discuss parenting extroverts in great detail; click here or go to weturnedoutokay.com/074 for the detailed discussion on parenting introverts.

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