Podcast Episode 173: How to Create The Life You Want – A Conversation with Mom and Farmer PJ Jonas

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Today’s guest, PJ Jonas, got a few goats several years ago, because she just loved goats. Always keeping that love in the forefront, PJ and her family – her husband and their eight children – went from those few goats early on to, today, owning and operating a family farm which creates soaps, lotions, and edibles, all from goats milk.

When you learn that the Jonas family homeschools in addition to operating the farm and their website, goatmilkstuff.com, you begin to realize the genius that PJ has for organizing and running this well-oiled machine.

You also can hear in PJ’s voice just how much she enjoys her days, filled as they are with family, and fun, and love.
In our conversation she shares all kinds of tips – both mindset and practical – for creating the life you want.

Also! During this episode PJ shares a link, that she made especially for our show, where you can get a free bar of her amazing soap! (Which I did. PJ shares a full-sized bar of soap in whatever flavor you want – mine is lavender – and it lasts a really long time : )

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Podcast Episode 165: When Kids Want the Same Stuff Again and Again (and Again…) – A Your Child Explained Episode

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Why do kids want everything repeated, again and again?

One member of the Ninja Parenting Community might be channeling your thoughts right now: “Oh why do little kids obsess over certain movies? I have been putting Monsters Versus Aliens on every day for a month. What is going on those little brains that makes them demand the same movie so often for so long?”

Kids do this all the time… and not just with movies, they do it with books, and stories, and music, too.

In this Your Child Explained, we dig into why, exactly what’s happening in “those little brains” that makes them want everything repeated endlessly.

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142: What to do if you and your spouse are not on the same page – Part 1 in the Common Parenting Challenges Series

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You don’t want your kids to have any more screen time – and your spouse plops them in front of the tube. You know that giving in to a temper tantrum is the fastest route to more, and longer, temper tantrums; yet your spouse gives in again and again.

Sound familiar?

Today we talk all about how to handle when your spouse isn’t on the same page (and your page is the right page).

Recently while talking with a mom of 2 young girls, some pretty major – and common – parenting issues came up. I knew that, if this mom is struggling with these issues, that you probably are as well!
Hence our series: Common Parenting Challenges. Join us during the March and April Just You and Me episodes as we address these parenting challenges one by one!

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Why: to learn :
– how to avoid fighting about parenting stuff with your spouse
what to do when your child rebels against your daily schedule
– how to teach your young child patience
– how to handle your young child’s disrespectful “No!”

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This is such a common parenting challenge; so often each parent feels that their way is the correct way, and both have trouble agreeing on a way forward. Worse, it can be easy to get into an argument in front of the kids!

Here’s what to do if you find yourself in this situation:

– away from the kids, agree on some guidelines for “how much screen time/when;” “how to live through a temper tantrum without giving in;” rules for meal time, etc.

Speaking of temper tantrums – if you’re looking for a way to handle them, click the button below to download my free How to Handle Every Temper Tantrum guide! It even comes with a fridge-worthy, printable infographic so that everybody’s on the same page in handling a temper tantrum.

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– choose a Word that either of you can invoke whenever things get uncomfortable; when one of you says this word, it’s an indication to the other that, before you continue discussing “this” in front of kids, the two of you need to talk privately.
This Word is an instrumental part of our parenting here in the Kolp household, we use it personally and I bet it could be really useful for you!

– work to have consistency with rules, so that one isn’t allowing something the other feels uncomfortable with

Stay tuned for Part 2 in the Common Parenting Challenges series! And if you have a Common Parenting Fail, something you’re struggling with in your home, get in touch! Let me know what it is, and hopefully I can address it on the show and get you some help.

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Podcast Episode 028: YCE – Listener Q&A, and Your Child Explained, The Screen Time Edition

I love shows like today’s, when a listener has written in and I get to respond on the air!

Today, Melissa asks how to help give her young kids the support they need in the outside-of-school hours. Here’s what I suggest: that Melissa and her husband give their children some control over what they do in their out-of-school time. Listen in for more details!

The other reason I love today’s episode is that it is a Your Child Explained. This is where I get to do something I’m pretty good at, which is understanding what’s going on inside your child’s head and giving you tools to use in your quest to be a less-worried, more-happy Old-School Parent.

In this Your Child Explained we get into screen time; episode 27, which aired this past Tuesday in real time, featured the postmortem (finally!) with journalist and mom Heather Kempskie. Heather was on over the summer to share about her amazing family trip in an RV, and I went and blew it by accidentally deleting the second half of our interview about the trip… So this past Tuesday, Heather came back on – our first returning champion – to share about the ups and downs of RVing. A big part of our conversation centered on shutting off the Wi-Fi and how that felt for her kids during their trip, and it resonated so much with me that I wanted to talk more about what happens inside our kids’ heads both during screen time, and after screen time.