Changing bras

Hi Friends,

Before we get started I just want to apologize to any of you who might not care to know very much about the undergarments of your favorite child development expert : )
But this was the letter that was in my heart to write today. There’s a very good reason, one I hope you’ll find relevant to your life!
But I completely understand if you want to not read today’s letter.
Don’t feel that you must. I’ll be back next week with another newsletter. (And perhaps it will not contain such… intimate subject matter…
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Prior to becoming a mother I had always believed that wearing a bra meant strapping yourself into serious foundational support.
Going out into the world? Going to be seen by anyone but yourself, or your closest family?
Time to harness up!

Discovering that there were bras meant for comfort was a relation. As I say this happened only after I had children. Continue reading “Changing bras”

A hard decision I have made

Before I share about my decision, I wanted you to know that I’m excited to be speaking at the upcoming Empowered Parenting Summit, which starts next week. I’m honored to be included among 20 educators and experts with so much superb knowledge to share. The host, teacher Sarah Scheldt, is sweet and wonderful and I’m excited to bring her onto my show in 2021.

I will be presenting on Playful Ways to Empower Your Parenting, a subject that I feel even more passionate about since my recent hospitalization for diverticulitis. It was brought on at least in part by forgetting to play.

Register for free for the Empowered Parenting Summit by clicking here.

You know it’s going to be a peculiar day when you find yourself thinking “I’m thankful for my recent hospitalization, because it was a long-overdue reckoning about what is wrong in how I run my life.”

Honestly, that is how I’ve been feeling this week.

Yes – thankful for the opportunity for a long-overdue reckoning. Continue reading “A hard decision I have made”

An update on my health (I was in the hospital last week)

First of all I need to say thank you to so many of you, who have sent me virtual hugs and well wishes since I was in the hospital last week.

I’ve seen them, and I intend to write back to each and every one of you… But for now I hope you’ll settle for a “group” update.

I am slowly healing – really, that’s the update here.

And as I do I am putting on my observer hat, trying to understand what makes me feel better, and what makes me feel worse.

What makes me feel worse:
– Pushing myself too far
– Not taking pain medication
– Worrying
– Feeling guilty for all the things I am not doing for my family
– Feeling like a burden

What makes me feel better:
– Asking for help Continue reading “An update on my health (I was in the hospital last week)”

3 Ways for you to be less stressed | Podcast episode 253

If only every day could be about pajamas and Lego dinosaurs.

Today I share how the stress I was under 7 1/2 years ago resulted in a lifelong tendon disorder.

I was so busy running our household and putting everyone else first, I did not pay attention to my health.

I really want you to learn from my mistake.

Today’s show focuses on how our stress isn’t just bad for us. It’s bad for our kids, too.

We also dig into the stresses of “intensive” parenting (a.k.a. helicopter or lawnmower parenting). And as you’ll see, that form of parenting stresses everybody out.

(Know what else stresses everybody out? Potty training, and temper tantrums… During today’s break I share about a free guide I offer for each of these stressors:

  • Click here for the FREE video and checklist to handle every temper tantrum
  • Click here for the FREE video and checklist to successfully potty train your child)

In this episode I offer three ways for you to be less stressed, not just now as we get into the holiday season (and everyone is pretty well at the end of their rope) but about how you can be less stressed over the long haul.

It’s Part 3 of the “how to raise successful, fulfilled, happy people” series, and I hope it helps you enjoy the time you spend with your littles!

Go to for:

  • A cheat sheet on the 3 ways you can alleviate stress
  • Links to the articles I quote from today
  • What’s up in the We Turned Out Okay universe, including tons of free resources : )
  • The video of the week: “Good behavior at meals, good behavior at the park”

And thank you so much for listening! Continue reading “3 Ways for you to be less stressed | Podcast episode 253”