A case study about handling epic tantrums

I was so thrilled when I received the following testimonial:

“The Ninja Parenting Community is one of the best uses of my energy and time.”

A longtime NPC member, who I will call “Shannon,” shared this testimonial with me. I was touched and honored!
But I had to give that complement right back to her.
After all, she is the one committing the energy and the time.

Probably just like you, Shannon – Mom to a four-year-old – has too much on her plate, a spirited child who can sometimes overwhelm her, and a lot on her mind these days.

Here is a recent post of hers:
“We keep running into him making an unsafe choice and then refusing to leave that room/leave that thing alone which means I have haul him hitting and kicking and hitting and screaming away from it and generally lock a door to keep him from getting back into that room/accessing that item or he keeps charging right back into the unsafe situation or charging at and attacking me if I blocking him from the item/situation. It’s so hard!”
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Transition times

What comes to mind when you think of the word “transition”?

It’s one of those words that, in the early childhood biz, gets referenced quite a bit.

But to people who are not early childhood teachers, or experts in child development, transitions can look totally invisible.

In fact many parents that I work with will come to me with a major, massive struggle in their lives – being unable to leave the house because of their child’s temper tantrums (which started when they offered their kids the wrong shoes), for example – and it turns out to be a transition issue.

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