When a parent’s leadership skills really matter

“I feel so helpless.” This is something I’ve been hearing a lot from parents.
We can feel helpless within our own lives, our ability to control our children’s behavior. We can also feel helpless about world events, and what if any part we could play in alleviating suffering or injustice.

I am using today’s newsletter to share lots of resources that you may find helpful, both within your family and also regarding the wider world.
The path from feeling helpless, to feeling in control and as if you can contribute positively, comes down (in my opinion) to two words:
Leadership skills.

Recognizing that in our family, we are leaders, is a great first step in overcoming those feelings of helplessness.

I want to start this newsletter off with hugs. (And the request that perhaps you hydrate as you get ready to read… It’s a long one : )

And then, I’d like to ask you to take a deep breath – and consider the role that leadership skills play in creating a happy family, as well as in creating a world that is peaceful, joyful, and supportive of everyone. Continue reading “When a parent’s leadership skills really matter”