122: How to Raise Well-Adjusted Kids and Run a Successful Family Business: with Shane & Jocelyn Sams of the Flipped Lifestyle Podcast

sams-family-in-pigeon-forge-wonderworks-1Welcome! To listen to today’s episode, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post and hit the triangular “play” button. Enjoy the show!

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You may know Jocelyn and Shane Sams from their entrepreneurial podcast, Flipped Lifestyle… “Where Life Always Comes Before Work.” This fun and inspirational couple has figured out a way to make their living online, thus spending more time on the important stuff – like raising their 7 and 5-year-old kids!

Today’s conversation does not get into entrepreneurship at all, except in talking about how this duo functions as a team – without, in their words, “killin’ each other.”

It does, however, share Shane and Jocelyn’s best tips for enjoying your relationships – with work, family, and those closest to you.

Our conversation is in turns hilarious (as in when Shane describes his “safety wipe” potty training method), and tender (I nearly named this episode “love is a verb,” I was so moved when Shane and Jocelyn brought up this concept.)

Go to weturnedoutokay.com/122 for full show notes and key links – and enjoy listening. I know you’re going to love this one!

S and J – as those of us in their awesome community frequently refer to them – share several great ideas today to help you really enjoy, not just the every day, but holiday time as well:

1) Think experiences, instead of “stuff,” when giving gifts.
This year the Sams children will receive season passes to an amusement park, bringing huge savings and repeated joy for the whole family.

2) Remember, as S and J’s minister says: “love is a verb.”
It’s the actions we take with our families and friends and loved ones that communicate how much we love them.

3) Work as a team.
So much is easier when there’s more than one of us, working together!

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Key Links:
Visit Shane and Jocelyn Sams’s Flipped Lifestyle Podcast website here.

Listen to How to Work Together Without Killin’ Eachother by clicking here.

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Podcast 023: School Rules – 5 Ways to Make This a Great Year for Your Young Child

Today’s episode is probably almost exactly the opposite of what you think of when you think of school rules. In fact, it feels a little subversive… The truth is, I think that schools are getting some important things wrong. These rules for you to follow can right some of these wrongs.

Let’s jump in!

1) Get into the mindset that school exists to help your child. We often feel like, especially if our kid does not fit the mold, that we are somehow in trouble – that our son or daughter is to blame for holding up the class, or poor test scores. It’s important to remember that, like the police who protect and serve, school teachers are there to nurture our children, to help our children achieve their dreams. It’s not the other way around!

2) Formulate a goal for what you want your child to get out of his or her school year. I know that this sounds like a weird one – aren’t goals for executive boardrooms, or job reviews, or at the very least high school? – but going into your child’s preschool, kindergarten, or first grade with an idea of what you hope she’ll learn will help her have a better year. It gives you a parameter, and if you don’t feel like this goal is being met it gives you a way to speak up about it.

3) Don’t worry about testing. Tests should be the absolute last thing on a parent of a young child’s mind; when they are young, our job is to nurture their creativity, help them get along better with other kids, help them spend time doing the things they love… The best way to have kids (of this age) (eventually) do well on tests is to not worry about them yet! Leave the test prep to the teachers.

4) Subject matter matters! It is much easier to help a young child on the path to, say, learning to read if what they are reading about is really important to them. The best teachers help their students learn by having them learn about what they love. If, unfortunately, your child doesn’t have one of these best teachers, it becomes even more crucial for you to help them learn about what they love. Luckily, this is fun for everybody; the best learning with kids this age result in a lot of laughter.

5) If you see something missing, ASK for it. Meaning, if you want something for your child that you don’t see happening in the classroom, you must respectfully ask for it… And then expect results. Fortunately we have the four C’s’s – remaining calm, being confident and courageous, and following up with consistency – to aid in asking, because it can be pretty scary to ask for stuff!

I hope these five School Rules help you help your child have a great school year. I’ll leave you with a fifth C – community – to add to the other four… Because if schools exist to serve our children, if we think of them and ourselves as existing in a community, then as part of that community we have the right to respectfully ask for change.

What kind of change would you like to see in your child’s school? Please share! Either in the comments here, or you can fill in the contact form at Weturnedoutokay.com… I can’t wait to hear from you!