“I’m the pickiest eater you ever met”: Speaking with coach Jacky Lamenzo | Podcast Episode 279

Today’s guest, Jacky Lamenzo, ate “only off the kids menu” well into her adulthood.

Then, she had the opportunity to go to China for a year, and knew something was going to have to change.

Could she make the change? You bet.

In our conversation Jacky shares what she did to stop being a picky eater, and also about her delightful children’s book that helps parents and kids with picky eating now.

And here’s the cool thing: before we even get to the picky eating, we talk about so much other interesting stuff, everything from what Jacky did when she felt that her work wasn’t being valued, to bonding over studying in Florence, Italy!

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Plus in Parenting News: Is STEM bad for our democracy? I ask for your help in coming up with a new acronym, one that goes beyond both STEM and STEAM.

Join us!

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  • The video of the week: “3 ways to stop picky eating”

And thank you so much for listening!

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