323: 32 Ways to occupy stuck-at-home kids (organized by amount of adult input!)

During a recent call that takes place each week in my online coaching practice, many members expressed frustration with all the lists of activities coming at us, because they’re often frustratingly disorganized.

So I wanted to give everyone a list, organized by how much time/input is required by us parents!



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Here are the 32 ways to occupy your kiddo, organized by amount of adult input:

A few caveats, this will definitely depend on a child’s age. A two-year-old will not be able to be as independent in making yarn dolls, for example, as seven or eight-year-old would be. But hopefully there’s something in here for everyone!

1. Minimum adult input activities: Continue reading “323: 32 Ways to occupy stuck-at-home kids (organized by amount of adult input!)”