Teaching young children to feel good in their body means feeling good in our own

Happy Monday!

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Also, the title of this post refers to the second of this week’s goals. It’s very newsy newsletter today, so I wanted to let you know where you could find it in here : )

In case you’re struggling to keep track of what day of the week it is… Today and every Monday while we are all spending so much more time at home and out of our normal routine I’m sharing something that always keeps me on track: my weekly intentions.

Each week I determine what I’m going to focus on on a Monday, and then on Friday I look back at how I did.
And during the pandemic I’m bringing you in on that process!

Here’s what I focused on last week:

1. Eating dinner with (at least some) members of my family each night.
This was such a huge success for me. I learned that during lockdown I have been lonely! (I know! How could someone be lonely when constantly surrounded by family? But yet that’s how it’s been.)

This solution worked really well, I believe for the following reasons:
– It provided a predictable routine where there had not been one
– It brought the four of us (my husband, myself, and our teens) all together in a more focused way than we had been
– It made it easier for me to ask for help with meal prep and cleanup (if we’re all eating more or less the same thing, it makes sense that we would all help put it together and clean it up)

Most importantly, this change showed me that I wasn’t the only lonely one here at home.

I got a sense of relief from the rest of my family, as if they were just waiting for someone to say “this is a problem, how can we fix it.”

Are there issues like that in your home life right now?
How might you address them?
If it helps, bounce those ideas off me! Just hit reply to this email and share : )

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2. To plan a new garden.
This was an interesting one, it has not turned out at all as I thought it would.

It’s actually turned out better, because Ben and I teamed up to figure out what to do in our yard as a whole.

I was all excited and had these visions of arbors and trellises, wavy edgings and perennial beds… And Ben was feeling a sense of dread because who was going to take care of all of that, when we are already struggling to take care of the gardens we have?

So we landed somewhere in the middle, always a good place for compromise!

We’ve got two lovely, established beds already, one for food and herbs and the other for cutting flowers. We will keep those looking beautiful and make the former pool area nice and grassy, with a picnic table, a few planters for annual flowers, and maybe even a hammock! (Don’t tell Ben about it though, we are going to make that his birthday gift : )

3. To make a start on gardening in other areas of the yard.
I did this, and in a sustainable way so that I can keep going with it over the next days and weeks.

I am looking at the beds themselves, and what I can do within them (rather than expanding them outward, as I always wish I could do at this time of year).

And I’m lucky, because I can do a lot. Over the last several years we have worked out a nearly weed-free method of gardening, and now we are really reaping the benefits.

Above all I’m excited to, as Ben asked, not take on any more than I can handle. While making what we’ve already got the best it can be!

This week’s goals:

1. To plan the WTOO Book Club first meeting!
This will be on Wednesday, March 13, and I will send a zoom link to you in this email group so you can participate!

We’ll be starting with Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics – if you are not an NPC member you can click here for the e-book. NPC members: click here for your ecopy of the book. The digital version of this, and every book I write, is included in your membership.

It has been soul-sustaining to gather with you for things like OkayCon 2020 watch parties… but OkayCon 2020 is over for the time being.
That’s why I wanted to start something like a book club. We can gather to share stories, learn some stuff, and just be together!

2. To feel good in my body.
We often talk with kids about knowing how their body feels.
Do they feel like they need to shake their sillies out?
Do they feel hungry?
Are they experiencing a big feeling that brings on clenched fists or butterflies in their stomach?

I live with a tendon disorder, and have for nearly 9 years now.

In that time I have come to understand that truly feeling good in my body means paying attention to those same things we ask kids to pay attention to.
Just because I’m a grown-up doesn’t mean I experience stress or overwhelm – or hunger – differently than I did when I was a kid.

So this week I am working hard to know how my body feels.

When I do my morning stretches, ask for help with things like food prep and cleanup, practice mindfulness and meditation, spend time on my own, and when I spend time with my family – this is what helps me feel good in my body.

When I can feel good in my body, I am modeling what that is like for my kids.

Or (as I say in the subject line) we can look at this in the reverse: teaching kids to feel good in their body means feeling good in our own.

Then everybody is feeling good!

3. To close NPC membership to new members.

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