The first thing that’s helping me overcome burnout and overwhelm

This is the latest in my summer-long series, taking you on my journey of recovering from overwhelm and burnout and learning ways to sustainably keep going. Click here for the first installment, “Feeling guilty.”

Hi Friends,

I’m still shocked and amazed by how much better I’m feeling, after a weekend of doing just one simple thing!
Well, simple to conceive… But not easy to implement.

If you remember, last week I sent a newsletter sharing that I was feeling incredibly guilty, overwhelmed, and burned out.

The first thing I did to address it:
I dropped off the Internet.

Not completely – but almost.

What that mostly meant was I didn’t “obsessively check.”

(I decided to leave off what I’ve been obsessively checking… because, while I obsessively checked some things, yours may be different. But the point is we are all obsessively checking something. What helped was cutting that out!)

I can’t tell you how much better I felt, not obsessively checking.

I said to my husband “I’m avoiding the Internet, and I’m saying this out loud so that someone else knows.”
I have found it easier to keep myself accountable when I do this, and it definitely helped this time!The other thing that helped was putting my tablet (where I do most of my obsessive checking) into airplane mode. I had to go through the small-but-significant rigmarole of taking it out of airplane mode when I wanted to do something on the Internet (for example, checking in on the folks in my Ninja Parenting Community! I wanted them to feel cared for and so of course this was one place I visited frequently over the weekend : )

I found that tiny extra step, of taking my tablet out of airplane mode, was hugely helpful at stopping me from getting into my “I’ll just check…” behavior.

I think because it interrupted a habit that I had had. Here was this new step that immediately took me out of my habitual checking mode.

So a quick win in my attempt to sustainably keep going, right at the beginning of the summer!
(Somehow, I’ve got the feeling that is justly tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned.)

What do you obsessively check?
How might you cut down on that, or eliminate it entirely?
It might be one way to stop feeling overwhelmed, burned out, as if you’re not enough.

It might be – as it is for me – one way to find some peace, one way to sustainably keep going.
Many hugs,

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