Podcast Episode 178: Three steps to more responsible kids

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Do you ever wish your kids took on more around the house? Does the prospect of getting to that point seem so overwhelming that you give up before you’ve even started?

Today we’re talking about the how to foster responsibility in kids – not an easy task!

The way I see it, there are 3 things we can do to encourage responsibility in our kids.

Listen to today’s show to find out what they are and how to put them into practice!

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Here are the 3 steps to fostering responsibility:

1) Have appropriate expectations about what you’re children can actually do.
No matter their age, kids can contribute. More than that – kids should contribute, to help develop the understanding that their part of a family system, that their help is vital to your family. In short, help them understand that you need them.

2) Make chore time also be family time – even, fun time.
If we grumble about dish-washing or laundry, so will they; communicating the vibe “we’re in this together” goes a long way toward making chores bearable.

3) This is the toughest one: consistently expect that your child WILL do these chores.
During this part of the show, we talk about my conversation with KJ Dell’Antonia, an author whose forthcoming book is all about how to be happy in your parenting.
Even though we can get these chores done better, and faster… Consistently making sure that our kids do their chores (starting with just one, as KJ recommends) makes everything better in the long run and ensures that kids will keep doing chores.

That’s the secret here: when we give them the responsibility and expect them to uphold those responsibilities… THAT’s how we get them to BE more responsible.

Whether we expect this of our kids… or not… they will live up to our expectations.

So pick just one chore and start with that one. Let me know how you’re getting along!

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