Weekly intentions, and a career counselor for Day 5 of OkayCon 2020!

Happy Monday!

FYI: In case you’re struggling to keep track of what day of the week it is… Today and every Monday while we are all spending so much more time at home and out of our normal routine I’m sharing something that always keeps me on track: my weekly intentions.

Each week I determine what I’m going to focus on on a Monday, and then on Friday I look back at how I did.
And during the pandemic I’m bringing you in on that process!

Here’s what I’m focusing on this week:

1. To take 4 walks.
Being outside has proven one of the most important factors in my mental well-being since the social distancing began. Any less than four walks in a week, and I notice lower feelings. So at least four walks this week for me : )

2. To celebrate my birthday.
My birthday is this Thursday! I just think there is something super special about birthdays, and no matter how old I get I still look forward to mine with the same enthusiasm as I did when I was 10 or 12.
This year I plan to do something completely out of the ordinary, while maintaining the pandemic protocols we all must observe now to be safe and to keep others safe: I’m having a “social-distance-walk-party” with my best buddies in the whole world. (Coincidentally, I knew them when I was celebrating those early birthdays too! You can hear from them, discussing the unplanned adventures that life has thrown at them and what they’ve done with those unplanned adventures, by going to https://weturnedoutokay.com/000)
Also, my husband and sons are making me a small birthday cake, so that I can enjoy the pants off that yummy treat on my birthday, but then it’s over and done with the next day. I don’t have to feel guilty about consuming like five pieces of cake. I get to truly enjoy one delicious piece 🙂
Finally, I am planning an extended list that day of “what I’m grateful for.”
I have so much. I’m just so lucky.
It can be really easy to forget the good things, when we are caught up in so much strife and worry.
But I believe that remembering all the good things is our most important asset in times of trouble.
(I did a recent podcast about that, this link to check it out: https://weturnedoutokay.com/325)3. To kick off the “Happy – (Not-Just-Sheltering) – in Place” NPC challenge.
In the private coaching practice that I run, called the Ninja Parenting Community, members and I will kick off this challenge on my birthday!We’re starting with a live members-only call, where I’ll share the first “challenge” within the challenge.
These are each nonstressful, bite-size things we can implement to feel more in control of our family lives… In this time when nothing feels like it is truly within our control.

So, those are my goals for the week.
What are yours?

To share your weekly intentions just hit reply to this email!

Today is Day 5 of OkayCon 2020!

Feedback I’m getting is that each day so far has been super helpful, for many of you. That’s why I did it – I wanted to bring you something for free, something that would help you get through this crazy time. If it’s resonating, thank you so much for letting me know!
(All the guests and presentations are gathered together for you at http://OkayCon.com)

Today I’m thrilled to bring you my conversation with career counselor Kathleen Sullivan!
Kathleen teaches us:
– the mindset necessary when starting a job search
– great ideas for using LinkedIn in your job search
– how to talk with your child about a layoff

Click here to visit the We Turned Out Okay Facebook group, where Kathleen’s presentation is up and ready for you to watch, and where we are having a watch party this evening at 8 PM EST!

My goal is that you don’t have to feel alone during this stressful time.

I want to bring you conversations that are helpful, fun, and supportive, and I really hope that it helps you through this time!

We will get through this together <3

I hope you will join us in the We Turned Out Okay Facebook group at 8 PM EST for the watch party! Stay tuned for a reminder, a little more toward evening, about that.


PS – NPC members: click here for our most recent live members-only call! In it I teach a ninja tactic that is extremely helpful during this challenging time!

If you’re not yet a member, but you are feeling isolated right now, become a member of my online coaching practice, the Ninja Parenting Community (NPC for short).
You’ll be together with other parents – and me – working toward the goals of good behavior from kids and happiness at home.
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