How to have Good Weeknights with Kids

Sometimes, every parent struggles with chaotic weeknights.

Here’s what most people do when family weeknights are crazy:

How weeknights should be.

– They clench up neck, shoulders, and jaw, causing pain and headaches
– They shout at their kids, because of the chaos, and then feel awful afterwards
– They do absolutely nothing – and as a result they feel powerless.

Meanwhile, this weeknight is still a dumpster fire.

Eventually, most people conclude “this is just how weeknights are with kids.”

They couldn’t be more wrong!

Yes, weeknights happen.

But how you handle them – what you do in the moment during those weeknight hours – makes ALL the difference.

Read on to discover:

  • How to confidently, calmly tame the weeknight chaos.
  • Feel successful as a parent.
  • Stop letting dinnertime, bedtime, “no time” stress get you down.
  • Begin to TRULY enjoy the time you spend with your kids!


Why Weeknights are So Tough

First of all, why are weeknights with kids so challenging?

Weeknight chaos can happen for the following reasons:
1) We try to cram too many jobs into too short a time
2) We feel super stressed out about dinner, bath time, and the kids’ bedtime
3) We are frustrated and tired at the end of our long day


How to have Good Weeknights with your Kids

First: Understand why weeknights are so tough. (See above.)

Second: Download my Guide to Taming the Weeknight Chaos!

When you sign up for this guide, you immediately get my 6-Point Checklist so you can enjoy calm, smooth weeknights right away, and my Video that helps you truly understand this process.

Once you know the process, once you watch the video and use the checklist, you can handle weeknights with kids like a pro.

All for free!

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