How to Tame the Weeknight Chaos: A 5-Part Series

Thank you for checking out my series on how to tame the weeknight chaos and truly enjoy weeknights with your family!

In July 2018 I created this five-part series to help stressed out and frustrated parents turn weeknights into smooth and enjoyable family time.

The resources enclosed here will help you succeed!

Module 1: What Makes Weeknights So Tough?

Click here to listen to this module’s podcast episode.


Module 2: What to do when you feel like there’s not enough time to fit everything in a weeknight, and if you’re always the bad cop

Click here to listen to the corresponding podcast episode for Part 2.

Module 3: Starting weeknights off right

Click here for the corresponding podcast episode to the video above, Part 3 of the Taming the Weeknight Chaos Series.


Module 4: When you are just sick and tired of weeknights with your kids

Click here for episode 235 of the We Turned Out Okay podcast, which corresponds to this video and outlines Part 4 of our “great weeknights with kids” series.


Module 5: Troubleshooting Weeknights With Kids

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Thank you for checking out our series on how to get great family weeknights!

Want to know how to make TONIGHT be a great weeknight? Download our concise roadmap to Taming Weeknight Chaos, including a 6-point checklist and a short video, by clicking the link below:

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