What I’m really doing while I am knitting

For months I have been knitting a pair of socks. Last fall I wrote about my current sock dilemma (which you can read about here.)

In a nutshell the sock dilemma is this:
I can no longer get my favorite merino wool socks. Not only were they affordable, they were warm, they fit right, and they came in all sorts of lovely and fun colors and patterns.

So this winter I tried hard to conserve them. Instead of wearing them on a chilly day I found myself putting on my summertime ankle-high socks. And then I’d be cold and crotchety.

Here’s what I wrote about the sock situation last fall:

“I’m finding that I don’t want to wear the socks that I have, because I don’t want to wear them out.
So even on the coldest days I am putting on those summertime ankle-high socks, depriving myself of the warmth that the 80% merino wool, wonderful wintertime socks give.
Out of fear.”

I had to adapt to a different mindset, one of knowing that, even though it won’t be these socks that have been so beloved for the last decade or so, there will be good socks to replace them.

I had to come from this more expansive and open mindset in order to feel happier when I was wearing the socks.

One solution that has presented itself: knitting my own!

I’m almost done with them. They are the most lovely warm, soft socks.

I’m knitting them (both of them, at the same time! On one needle, and “in the round” which means no seams to sew later!) to be a perfect fit, and the joy that has welled up inside me as I have created these socks, I just can’t even tell you.

Joy at:
– solving this problem for myself
– knitting in the first place, which is both a meditative and thrilling activity for me
– looking at the yarn as it’s coming out of the yarn ball – the yarn continually changes color, so I never really know what color is coming out next
– communing with fellow knitters over this fun activity

But here’s something that I’ve been thinking about recently.

For me, I am really doing something else when I knit.

And that is, I’m being a self-directed learner.

SO much learning has gone into the creation of these socks.
I have had to learn new stitches, and new stitch patterns.
I have discovered a kind and wonderful genius knitting coach to follow and learn from.
I have learned to adjust my hand usage in a day, so that I have the hand energy to knit (longtime readers may know, I have a tendon disorder that prevents me from having anywhere near the hand-energy that most people do.)

Lots to learn, if I want to keep doing this joyful thing.

But that is the beauty of self-directed learning.

What do you have in your life that is self-directed?

What is joyful for you, and how do you arrange your life so that you can keep doing it?

What have you learned along the path, as you’ve gotten better at it?

I’d love to hear. Just hit reply and let me know <3

Cheers and thanks for reading –

PS Watch the video
I presented on this very subject – self-directed learning for all ages – recently!
The presentation was initially only for folks who had signed up for a virtual summit I was invited to be a part of…
And now I’m excited because I get to share it with you. And guess what? The socks come up in my presentation!
Click this link to watch:

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