What is working for parents right now? (Also weekly goals and how they are helping me in the pandemic)

Happy Monday!

Read about Day 9 of OkayCon 2020 just below – first

In case you’re struggling to keep track of what day of the week it is… Today and every Monday while we are all spending so much more time at home and out of our normal routine I’m sharing something that always keeps me on track: my weekly intentions.

Each week I determine what I’m going to focus on on a Monday, and then on Friday I look back at how I did.

And during the pandemic I’m bringing you in on that process!

Here’s what I focused on last week:

1. To do strength training twice.
I gritted my teeth through every moment, but I did it! Strength training times two.
And as predicted it did make everything else easier… Stronger muscles mean fewer aches and pains, better endurance, and so much else. So I’m pleased that I did it!

2. To feel healthy enough in my arms and hands to do some knitting.
This one makes my heart sing, I was able to knit 3 times this week!
(Probably because I did the strength training twice lol)

3. To celebrate even the smallest of victories.
This was a week with some backsliding in terms of feeling in control of my food intake. What got me through it? Celebrating the small victories, like the day when I chose fruit as a sweet finish to a meal, rather than something with (lots) more calories.

Plus it was fun to celebrate successes with the members of our Ninja Parenting Community! (Members click here to read all the latest success stories – and click the link below for this week’s “Happy-in-Place” module:

If you’re not yet a member, click here to find out about the Friends & Family membership rate that I’m offering for a limited time.

This week’s goals:

1. To eat dinner with (at least some) members of my family each night.
I found out (as a direct result of the Happy-in-Place NPC Challenge!) that in this new normal I have been striving for only one of two essentials. I’ve been working to get as much alone time as possible… and have been suffering because there has been no “togetherness” time.
That’s got to change, and I’m so grateful to my family, who are being super supportive as we make this change.

2. To plan a new garden.
After more than a year with an ugly, gigantic hole in our yard, last week we were able to have our old inground swimming pool filled in! (It was great for the first 12 years or so of living here, but after that, not so much.)
So now I’ve got a lovely space that is ready for a garden!
My goal is to incorporate food, and flowers for cutting (to support my newly-acquired passion, Japanese flower arranging – you can see some of what I’ve done here on my Instagram.)
I’m excited to get started!

3. To make a start on gardening in other areas of the yard.
Each year my poor husband pleads with me: “only plant what you can take care of, okay?”

As my tendon disorder has allowed, I’ve been much better about this!
But with the addition of the new garden I know I need to be better than “much better.”

This may mean less knitting this week, but I know it will be worthwhile both to see the yard looking lovely, and to see the calm and happy expression on the face of the 22-time winner of the Husband of the Year award : )

Those are my goals for the week.
What are yours? (Click here to share)

Today is Day 9 of OkayCon 2020!

SUPER excited to present on what I am seeing parents doing right, against all odds and in these crazy circumstances!

During the presentation you’ll learn:
– How to help your child through the experience of anxiety and big feelings during the pandemic
– My best advice for living in these times (instead of just “living through” them)
– The fantastic solutions that the parents I work with have found

Click here to visit the We Turned Out Okay Facebook group, where we are having the watch party this evening at 8 PM EST!

My goal is that you don’t have to feel alone during this stressful time.

I want to bring you conversations that are helpful, fun, and supportive, and I really hope that it helps you through this time!

We will get through this together <3

I hope you will join us in the We Turned Out Okay Facebook group at 8 PM EST for the watch party! Stay tuned for a reminder, a little more toward evening, about that.