This mom did not let even nightly bedwettings derail weekday mornings.

Happy Wednesday!

This is the third in an in-depth, 4-part series, on how to start the school year off right.
(Click here for part one, about the first thing you can do when confronting any challenge, and click here for part two, where I share my method for cutting through overwhelm.)

One mom of two in the parent coaching community that I run, whom I’ll call Lindsay, REALLY struggled with the stress of getting small kids up and out the door in time for daycare and school.

Here is something she wrote just as she began working on this:
“Usually if our youngest wets the bed (he’s newly potty trained) it can derail the morning because we have to strip the bed, start the wash and give him a bath.
In the hustle and bustle my breakfast is usually the one that gets overlooked! That happened today. I typically don’t even notice until I get to work and am hungry.”

Maybe your struggles are different, but I bet you can sympathize with Lindsay.
I sure can.

She wondered, what could she do to fix this?

Together, we talked about some different ways to address the time shortage in the mornings.

Could Lindsay:

– Do more at night? (Prepare lunches, or oatmeal, or make sure that her breakfast was ready to go in the mornings?… Maybe.)
– Get the boys’ dressed at night, for the next day? (With the little one waking up in a wet bed, probably not the best option.)
– Wake up earlier?

At first, Lindsay was really reluctant about trying that third one. Like all of us she loves her sleep!

But after working with me (and posting in the community) for several weeks she decided to give it a try.

She found that it wasn’t quite right: “Most of the morning chores take place after they wake up, so me waking up earlier was not resulting in less of a morning crunch.”

So we kept thinking, and eventually Lindsay hit upon something that did work really well:
Getting the boys up earlier.

It wasn’t so much about Lindsay herself needing to be up earlier.
She needed the boys up earlier (as she says up above, most of the morning chores that needed to get done, involved the boys, and could not be done before they were awake.)

And it worked! This was the game changer.

In Lindsay’s words:
“We’ve kept up our goal of waking the boys up at 7:30 rather than letting them sleep in until 8.
That has really helped because we have enough time to deal with any sheets (and boy, have there been sheets! Last week our son was sick and peed the bed EVERY NIGHT) and the boys tend to need to build up to eating breakfast, so they have some time to lounge around before deciding what they want to eat. They also help set up the daily schedule so they know what’s coming up in the evenings.”

This is what Lindsay did about nutty weekdays.

What I want you to notice here is that the first things she tried didn’t particularly work.
But she didn’t give up.

She kept talking about it in the community (which is called the Ninja Parenting Community, NPC for short), and thinking about what she could do to make weekdays, particularly mornings, work for her and her family.

That’s the lesson I want you to take today.

If your weekday mornings are insane, what change could you try that might make them better?

For Lindsay, the difference was half an hour in the mornings.

30 minutes between a terrible day – in which she did not get breakfast herself and felt overwhelmed with all the morning chores – and a good day.
Even during a week that involved daily bedwetting and sheet-changing.

What small change could you make in your morning routine?
Click reply and let me know!

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