Why are kids clingy?

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Earlier this week I did a Magic Words for Parents video, all about how terrifying it is for children when we do not “see” them.

In other words, when we invalidate their experience. When we tell them “there’s no such thing as ghosts,” or “stop crying, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

Today I want to combine that idea was something parents often confront: clingy kids.

– Kids who only want you, and no one else.
– Kids who cry when you leave daycare.
– Kids who cling to your leg when it’s time for you to say goodbye.
– Kids who insist that you stay with them as they fall asleep at night.

Why are kids clingy?

It’s a developmental thing, first and foremost.
We first see stranger anxiety in kids when they are around the age of learning to crawl/walk. Children’s growing brains do this because, now that they have the capacity to walk away, what’s to stop them from wandering away from the people who care for them?
It’s stranger anxiety that stops them.

As kids get a bit older, we have the developing brain to thank again for clinginess – as their brains grow, so does their capacity for imagination.
Which brings the idea of monsters, fear of the dark, and other fears into our children’s minds.
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How does not seeing our kids interact with clingy behavior?

Paradoxically, kids who feel invalidated can become more clingy, not less.

It’s like this:
1. Kiddo’s developing brain says “what’s in that closet? Maybe it’s a monster!”
2. Kiddo shows hesitation to enter bedroom.
3. Parent says “what’s the matter? There’s nothing to be afraid of here, it’s your room!”
4. Parent pulls kiddo into room.
5. Kiddo feels safe… As long as parent is in room.

That’s definitely one way to handle it – and (as I say a lot : ) it’s how I have previously handled it, until I learned the better way I outline below.

In the long run doing the above promotes clingy behavior.
In that scenario above, the child only feels safe when they are with us.

What if it went like this?
1. Kiddo’s developing brain says “what’s in that closet? It could be monsters!” They hesitate to enter their room.
2. Parent notices hesitation and says “you okay?”
3. Kiddo feels safe in saying “no, what about monsters?”
4. Parent says (something like) “oh, you’re worrying that maybe there are monsters in your room? You’re feeling afraid?” (Helping child express feelings with words.)
5. Kiddo nods and/or says “yes, I am afraid.”
6. Parent says “I remember feeling like that too. I will help you feel safe.”
“Let’s get you a flashlight/some zombie spray [which is what worked in our home] so you can be sure there are no monsters whenever you come into your room!”
7. Kiddo feels empowered to take on their fears.

When a parent handles this in this way, the child feels validated.
They also feel that they have tools to deal with their own fears.

So over time we see less clingy behavior – and most importantly, the child learns to confront fears on their own.

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