Group or Corporate Trainings & Workshops

Parents working from home, while raising children, have had it especially difficult during the coronavirus pandemic.

Help is here, whether you are:
– A parent, looking to schedule a Training or multi-week Workshop (all virtual) with a group of friends or coworkers
– An employer, looking to support your employees’ mental health and promote their family harmony with a Training or multi-week Workshop.

“I thought this was impossible, and we are DOING it!”
– Nora, single mom of a four-year-old boy, who’s worked 60+ hours per week from home throughout the pandemic in 2020. Through our work together both she and her son are thriving.


Karen Lock Kolp, M.Ed.

As a child development expert and parent coach, I have lots of expertise and teach simple, powerful tools that empower parents in these challenging circumstances.

I provide necessary resources and support to help parents and families thrive.

My workshops teach positive discipline and promote family harmony. I empower parents to care for children, handle the uncertainty, work from home while home-educating children if necessary, all while feeling happy inside.





Workshop subjects include:

  • Integrating school-at-home/caring for children while working from home
  • Working with teachers and childcare providers during the pandemic
  • Streamlining the routine at home to promote family harmony
  • Motivating kids for at-home learning
  • Taking care of ourselves in this extremely challenging time

Trainings and Workshops include information and support on child development, productivity, maintaining mental health, and positive discipline/enhancing family harmony.

All incorporate participants’ questions – because we learn best through seeking answers to our own questions.

Training & Workshop Options incorporate the above subject matter and include:

A 1.5 hour one-time training via Zoom for between 10 and 100 participants, where parents learn the key pillars of success in parenting and finish out the training with a thorough understanding of those principles, and how to put them into practice in their own family lives

Small-group workshops of up to 10 participants, meeting once per week for 1-3 weeks via Zoom and exploring the key pillars of success in parenting during the age of Covid

A 3-week workshop series, via Zoom, for up to 100 participants, meeting once per week for 3 weeks and exploring the key pillars of success in parenting in-depth; parents practice implementing these principles over the course of the workshop and come out with a thorough understanding of how to put them into practice in their own life and family

A virtual 10-week “book study with the author” of one of my parenting books. Each of these ten, 1-hour-long sessions dives deep into how parents can create the kind of family life they dream of, considering values and practical implementations. “This course changed everything,” reports one mom, Bianca, of the positive changes she’s made with her family.

A Training or Workshop which we craft together. Some of the best programs I’ve ever offered came about in this way, and I’d love your ideas!

Contact me to schedule a Workshop or Training


Hi! I’m Karen.

I believe challenging times call for dramatic solutions.

But dramatic solutions don’t have to be difficult. In fact, the best are simple and easy to implement.

That’s why I’m offering Group Trainings and Workshops which teach simple, powerful tools for getting control of family time.

I earned my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, and my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Relations.
I have worked with kids and parents for a combined 15 years – in addition to raising my own sons.
(Even with all that education and experience I am a reformed perpetual worrier, where my kids are concerned. So I completely understand when parents feel that way.)

Before the pandemic of 2020, my life’s work was already to help parents change a child’s behavior from bad to good, feel happy inside themselves, and truly enjoy family time.

The urgency of that work was only enhanced when Covid-19 swept the world.

I noticed that parents (including myself) felt less happy inside, questioned ourselves more, and felt less able to handle all that was being asked of us.

So I redoubled my efforts, enhancing my private coaching practice to include courses such as “How to keep going when you’re exhausted,” creating a monthly publication (that arrives in the (US) mail! So fun!) to help parents feel motivated and understand how to keep going in tough times. I even created a Summer Camp program for parents, to help us all remember the value of kindness and fun as we find our way forward.

The results have been dramatic, with parents I work most closely with reporting happier and more enjoyable family time, less time spent disciplining, better sleep and nutrition for themselves, and a feeling of happiness inside themselves.

With all that in mind, ask yourself: how could working with me in a workshop or training benefit you?

Contact me, and let’s find out.