Work With Me

I offer 2 ways for you to work directly with me:

  1. The Ninja Parenting Community (NPC), where I help parents with big challenges including:
  • Potty training, especially under pressure
  • A child’s temper tantrums and aggressive, violent behavior
  • Sibling jealousy, rivalry, and fights
  • Getting control of the direction their family is going in
  • Childcare and school issues

There are tons of resources in the community to help you overcome these challenges:

  • Courses and trainings for in-depth, immediate help
  • Live, Members-Only Calls twice a month, where I directly answer your questions
  • Direct conversation (in our forums) with community members, which often include formulas, tools, and personalized videos
  • Support from your fellow members

There is a positive atmosphere and energy, so you feel good on your parenting journey!

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2. One-to-One Parent Coaching where I help you with your biggest challenges, including:

  • Parenting through divorce
  • Confronting a serious diagnosis, such as a learning disability or behavioral disorder
  • Raising children in difficult circumstances, such as when you have depression or anxiety

We work together to develop a plan, which (depending on your comfort level and needs) could include any and all of the following:

  • We speak privately twice a month
  • We develop a personalized guide for you
  • I create a personal video for you each week
  • Access 24/7 to the Ninja Parenting Community, where so much support is always available.

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“I am feeling able to handle this! I truly cannot thank you enough.”
– NPC Member Mama Llama, Mom of 3YO Boy


If you don’t want to spend another minute feeling alone or frustrated in your parenting, there’s no time like the present to make a change.

I specialize in helping parents get out of the negative parenting space and into something much more fun and special with their young children.

I spent more than 9 years as an early childhood educator. Plus I have a bachelor’s degree in human development and family relations, and a master’s degree in early childhood education. So I know young children (and why they do the crazy things that they do.)
For the last 5 years and counting I have worked with parents of young children, giving them the tools necessary to love the time they spend with their kids.


  • Feeling excited at the prospect of spending time with your littles
  • Spending your days off from work energized and truly into family life
  • Experiencing that bond and connection that every parent strives for.

Now, make these dreams come true by working personally with me!

I work with parents who are:

  • Dedicated to making a positive change in their family life, no matter what challenges they face.
  • Fed up with feeling unsure of what to do next, and ready to learn the tools that will help them love spending time with their children.
  • Energized and excited to have these tools in their hands. “I never thought of that, what a great idea!” is something I hear a lot in working with these parents.
  • Finally feeling like they’re pointed in the right direction on their parenting journey.
  • Thrilled to be deepening that bond with their young ones.

If this resonates – if you are ready to learn the tools and claim the benefits – then let’s get started.

Take action to transform your family life, by choosing from the 2 options below!

The Ninja Parenting Community offers:

  • Online forums – which I’m in every day – and live members-only calls twice a month, so we address all your parenting questions as they come up
  • Immediate access to every online class, mastercourse, video, and PDF I offer for as long as you’re in the community (including free e-copies of my parenting books)
  • The comfort and relief of a community, where you feel validated and supported on your parenting journey, available online 24-7

“The days are long, but the years are short.”
I don’t know who originally said that about raising little kids, but they were sooo right.

Don’t feel like you have to suffer through those long days alone!

You don’t have to. Instead, come and be part of a group where you’ll learn tools to make those days enjoyable.

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1-to-1 Parent Coaching offers:

  • Private, twice-monthly coaching calls, so we can go in-depth and find solutions together to the parenting problems you face.
  • A personalized guide to keep you on track as you get good at using these tools to transform your life, your child’s life, and your family life into that that which you truly love.
  • A video each week from me, made personally for you, summarizing your progress and helping you figure out which next steps to take.
  • Immediate access to the Ninja Parenting Community, with 24/7 advice and support.

All so that you never have to feel like you’re going it alone.

I help parents just like you find the family life they have always wanted.

Let me help you, too!

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