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Is there a person you’d like to nominate as a guest on the show, or would you like to be a We Turned Out Okay guest yourself?

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Be friendly – I am a real person, not an algorithm, and treating me kindly is important. I’ll treat you kindly, I promise.

DO NOT puff up credentials… This one kills me. It is perfectly all right for you (or the person you nominate) to not be a best-selling author, or renowned orator whose TED talk has garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

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If, after listening to my show, you identify an area in the rearing of young children that you feel you have great insight on, simply tell me how you would help me bring that important idea to our listeners.

I really try to get back to every person who contacts me, even if you or your nominee is not a good fit to be a guest on the show, but I ask your pardon if I do not get back to you. Just the sheer volume of emails makes this tricky, and once again I’m asking for kind treatment : )


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