You would be surprised

how many parents conclude “I am a terrible parent“ because their children do the things that, developmentally, they are simply programmed to do.

And very quickly after “I am a terrible parent“ comes “I am a terrible person,“ because they lose their tempers and shout, spank, or hit.

Here, our work is all about the interaction between parent and child, and how you can shape those interactions to have the kind of family life you truly want.


Hi! I’m Karen.

I specialize in helping parents get out of the negative parenting space, and into something much more fun and special with their young children.

I’ve got degrees in human development, family relations, and early childhood education, as well as 14 years experience working with children and their parents. (Click here to visit my about page and learn more about me.)

If you struggle to connect with your little kids in the limited time that you have each day…

If you spend way too much time worrying about – or dealing with – when your child does the following:

  • Refuses to eat or be pleasant at mealtime
  • Hits or hurts brothers and sisters
  • Fails to comply with any request 

You are in the right place!


I teach tools for parenting and happy family time through:


Personal Help and Support

“I treasure the heaps of attention that Karen gives to community members.”
– Jennifer, Mom of 2 Girls



  • If you love your children – but you’re struggling to truly love the time you spend with them on a daily basis
  • If you need help navigating daycare or school issues
  • If the routines of daily life, like potty training and mealtimes, are huge challenges for you

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“I still can’t believe it!! 7pm and underwear stayed dry alllll day!”
– Mama Llama, Ninja Parenting Community Member, Mom of 3-year-old boy



Immediate, Free, Advice

Listen to any of hundreds of podcast episodes for help with all the tough parts of parenting.
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Parenting Books

I write books that give parents immediate, helpful advice so you can overcome the challenges your kids throw your way.

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Praise for 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know
“If your house is chaos, if you’ve lost control, if the lunatics (aka toddlers) are in charge of the asylum, this is the book that will grant you the permission and the tools to take your family life back – and then help you enjoy it.”

– KJ Dell’Antonia, author of How to Be a Happier Parent: Raising a Family, Having a Life and Loving (Almost) Every Minute