Let’s do what works for you and your family, not what “most people” do

“Karen helps me feel like I actually know what I am doing raising my kids.”
Stephen, Financial Planner and Father of 2


Greetings! I’m glad you are here!

I am Karen Lock Kolp, M.Ed. I’m a child-development expert and parent coach, and I help you enjoy your parenting journey. 

I support parents in finding what works best for them – not the conventional path.

Here you’ll find lots of resources to help you thrive on (as one of my coaching clients says) “the adventure of your life” while raising young children, tweens, and teens.


I’ve helped thousands of parents stop treading the conventional path and instead do what’s best for them and their family.

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“Karen, I can’t thank you enough for helping me turn my thinking around and build a solid foundation of positive discipline.”
Jennifer, Full-time working parent of 2 kids ages 6 and 8


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“Building the relationship with a child development expert [has been the most useful thing in working with you Karen]. It is so helpful to know that you are there and can help.
Kristen, Project Manager and Mom of 2


High-Level Coaching

I’ve coached:
– Professionals – parents in all different walks of life – who want to show up for their children in the ways that truly matter most
– Therapists, on connecting with their own teens and tweens
– I’ve even coached best-selling parenting authors… on raising their own children.

My coaching clients say that they love working with me because:
I don’t push them along a curriculum of my choosing.
Instead, I help them dream big!

I help them understand what their heart longs for, and then take the action steps to achieve their dreams.

We all have dreams.
What are you doing to make yours reality?

Go on the adventure of your life with me as your guide: write me, and let’s talk!
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“Karen, thank you for bringing such joy and peace to my life with your teachings. You have made my walk of becoming a great mom a lovely one.”

– Janean, Mom and Homemaker


 Workshops and Trainings

Here are some recent insights shared by parents in our recent workshop, “Educating Happy Kids in the Pandemic”:
– “The relationship [with my child] needs to come first, before any learning can take place for them.”
– “I have been more forgiving of myself… It’s freeing.”
– “I’m finding new ways to “get my own stars [reward myself]”… I’m discovering that my self-care needs to not be a source of pressure for me.”
– “[After the pandemic is over] I will be more deliberate in our choices and how my family spends our time.”

I offer workshops and trainings on how parents can get crucial self-care while educating/caring for children, and getting their paid work done at the same time.
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“[Working with Karen] is one of the best uses of my energy and time. Karen, thank you for all of your help! You have truly changed our lives and helped navigate some massive life changes and I am so grateful!”
Nora, Full-time Working Parent and Single Mom of a highly spirited child


“It was a pretty challenging year adding a second child and handling all that comes with that and managing the three-year-old… Karen, you’ve been an incredible light in all of that, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me through a pretty dark patch. Looking forward to staying OUT of the dark in this year!”
Celia, Mom of two kids under four years old


“I watched your [just-for-me] video. Thank you for your positive words, they are greatly appreciated Karen.”
Tish, Full-time Working Parent and Mom of twin boys



As Featured

I have been featured in the following places:

As a guest expert in the Mommy Matters Summit of August 2020

On Fix Yourself with Shannon Connery, PhD, talking about parenting in extremely challenging times

On Live Above The Noise, talking about what kids really need from us parents  

The Authentic Parenting Podcast with Anna Seewald, talking about how the events of our childhood shape the rest of our lives

The Sunshine Parenting Podcast with Audrey Monke, to talk about how to tame weeknight chaos, and sharing some of the secrets from my book 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know

Boston Globe Magazine, on never quitting even in adverse conditions

The Boston Globe, for advice on getting kids to do homework


I believe the best kind of family life…

  • Is possible, for every family.
  • Takes your needs as a parent into consideration
  • Doesn’t ignore the tough parts but instead addresses and resolves them.

I teach parents how to leave behind the bad, and embrace the good.
I have seen incredible transformation in those I work with.
Work with me to bring this transformation about for you and your family.
Click weturnedoutokay.com/contact and ask any questions you’ve got!
Let’s solve your biggest parenting challenges so you can thrive.