A Positive Approach to Raising Little Kids

I am Karen Lock Kolp, M.Ed., and I help you enjoy your parenting journey. 

I mentor parents through the anxiety, bad behavior, and tough struggles that raising a family brings in NPC, our private online parent coaching community.

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Past editions include:
How to handle every temper tantrum
Keeping the most dangerous place on the Internet from harming your kids
Dealing with your children’s worst sibling fights

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“It was a pretty challenging year adding a second child and handling all that comes with that and managing the three-year-old… Karen, you’ve been an incredible light in all of that, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me through a pretty dark patch. Looking forward to staying OUT of the dark in this year!”
– Celia, Mom of two kids under four years old, Private coaching community member

“Thank you for all of your help! You have truly changed our lives and helped navigate some massive life changes and I am so grateful!”
– Mom of 3-year-old boy, Private coaching community member

“I watched your [just-for-me] video. Thank you for your positive words, they are greatly appreciated Karen.”
– Mom of 5-year-old twins, Private coaching community member

The most useful thing in working with Karen:

“Building the relationship with a child development expert. We joke about having Karen “on retainer,” but it is so helpful to know that she is there and can help.”
– Mom of 2-and 4-year-old boys, 1-to-1 Parent Coaching Client

“The validation, about timeouts and why they haven’t been working, and how to make them work for my family. Karen helps me feel like I actually know what I am doing.”
– Dad of 3-and-5-year-old boys, 1-to-1 Parent Coaching Client


As Featured

I have been featured in the following places:

On Live Above The Noise, talking about what kids really need from us parents  

The Authentic Parenting Podcast with Anna Seewald, talking about how the events of our childhood shape the rest of our lives

The Sunshine Parenting Podcast with Audrey Monke, to talk about how to tame weeknight chaos, and sharing some of the secrets from my book 10 Secrets Happy Parents Know

The REVIVE Live Show, in a recurring segment which is always about helping you with some aspect of raising kiddos

Boston Globe Magazine, on never quitting even in adverse conditions

The Boston Globe, for advice on getting kids to do homework


I’ve helped hundreds of parents get control of the direction their family is going.

Here is how I can help you:

Immediate Advice
Get my best advice for handling the challenges that come up on your parenting journey, through the We Turned Out Okay podcast and blog.
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Support and Accountability
Join my private coaching community, called the Ninja Parenting Community, to get the support you need to rein in your child’s behavior, connect and bond with your kids, and feel happy within yourself – as a parent, and as a person.
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Your Parenting Copilot
Work closely with me to learn how to handle the most difficult parts of parenting.
Whether: your time at home is completely chaotic and you literally do not know how to fix it; you’re going through a divorce or other major life change; or you are confronting a difficult diagnosis regarding one of your children, I can help.
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Meet Jen, a parent just like you

NPC member Jen, with her two daughters.

Jen is the mom of 2 daughters.
(Here they are : )

Jen is also a member of my private coaching community, the Ninja Parenting Community.
When she joined in 2017, Jen had spent quite a bit of time on the Internet, more or less randomly looking for information about how to get her family life on a good track.

As my guest in podcast episode 288, Jen shares about that time: “I didn’t feel like I had control over the direction our family was going.”

It was her work in the Ninja Parenting Community that gave her that control.

What really helped her: the guidance, both in concrete “do this now” instructions, and working with me to gain a thorough understanding of why kids do what they do.

Jen shares how much she loves the methodology, the formulas that I teach, to help parents through the tough moments.

As part of NPC membership, everyone gets access to e-copies of my parenting books; Jen references the first one, Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics, as super helpful.

If you need personal help – more than I can provide with the podcast, or my parenting books – consider working with me.
I LOVE working with parents closely, to help them solve the problems that come up while raising kids, so they can have the kind of family life they dream about.
The kind of family life that Jen randomly searched for on the Internet, and wasn’t finding, until she joined NPC.


I believe the best kind of family life…

  • Is possible, for every family.
  • Takes your needs as a parent into consideration
  • Doesn’t ignore the tough parts but instead addresses and resolves them.

I teach parents how to leave behind the bad, and embrace the good.
I have seen incredible transformation in those I work with.
Work with me to bring this transformation about for you and your family.

You can work closely with me in the following ways:
1. By joining the Ninja Parenting Community.
2. Through 1-to-1 Parent Coaching. 1 of 3 spots available.

Click here to learn more about working with me. Or, click weturnedoutokay.com/contact and ask any questions you’ve got! I’d love to chat about bringing you in to the community, or working 1-to-1.


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