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Welcome to We Turned Out Okay, where we offer parents tools to create the happy home life you’ve been dreaming about.

I teach tools for parenting and happy family time through:

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10 Secrets Happy Parents Know, available in Amazon now!

“A practical and easy-to-digest guide that sets the groundwork for the kind of family life you want.”
– Janine Halloran, LMHC and creator of the award-winning Coping Cue Cards Relaxation Deck

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I wrote this book because, while I can’t work closely with every single parent, the hope and encouragement this book offers can make such a difference in lots of parents’ lives, and ultimately in the lives of their children.

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“Last week we had 4 days with no meltdowns!”
– Sabrina, NPC Member, Mom of 2


If you’re a parent who
   Struggles with potty training or sibling issues
   If you want to teach your children valuable life lessons
   Even if you just want to be able to relax and enjoy time     with them

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I call these tools Parent Ninja Tactics, and I teach about them – for FREE – in podcasts and videos and guides, like this one to help you handle every one of your child’s temper tantrums.

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Hi, I’m Karen! I help parents of young children:

  • Change their child’s behavior from bad to good
  • Feel competent and confident in their parenting
  • Rise above “parent shaming”
  • Find a deep, reciprocal connection with their kids

I’m an expert in child development and a parent coach, and I created weturnedoutokay.com to help you truly enjoy the time with your young kids!

If you’ve got a question, or if I can help you as you do this “toughest job you’ll ever love,” connect with me here.

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