My name is Karen Lock Kolp, and I help parents navigate the challenges of raising young children.

I get to do something that I love every single day, connecting with parents, teaching and cheering as they build the kind of lives they love with their young children.

As a podcaster I get to speak with beloved authors, teachers, and other experts, providing advice for parents of young children.
Thousands of parents subscribe to my show, and my favorite is hearing from listeners either asking a question that I can help with, or sharing that something I talked about was helpful for them.

I also have the privilege of working closely with parents. I work with amazing people, moms and dads overcoming parenting challenges to thrive within themselves and within their families.
I am SO proud of each and every one.

I also:


I am honored to be featured in the following places:

The #AmWriting Podcast with Jess and KJ, on what it’s like to overcome difficult circumstances and achieve your goals.

The Authentic Parenting Podcast with Anna Seewald, talking about how the events of our childhood shapes the rest of our lives

Boston Globe Magazine, on never quitting even in adverse conditions

Shannon Connery’s Fix Yourself Podcast, on how parents and children can thrive, even in difficult times (click “play” below to watch our conversation, or click here to listen at Shannon’s website.)


Most of all I am so happy to be the creator of resources that take into account:

  • My teaching experience, now 15 years of working with parents and kids
  • My education which includes degrees in Early Childhood Education and Human Development/Family Relations
  • Most important: my own struggles and challenges

When our oldest, Max, was five weeks old,

there came a frightening Monday: his dad, Ben, kissed us both goodbye, got in the car, and went away to work.

For the whole day.

My mother-in-law had come and spent a week. My parents had come and spent a week.
Ben had gotten two weeks off, and then worked from home.

But all that ended today.

Now, it was just me. Just me, spending my first day here alone with this new being, who could not yet hold his head up and who had barely begun to smile.

I held him in my arms, waved goodbye to Ben, and wondered: what in heck were we going to do all day?

That’s when I learned the dirty secret of parenting:

Spending time with kids can be terrifying.

I would always wonder that same question, what’re we going to DO together?
And yet I would also feel terribly guilty, spending time away from Max to work, or exercise, or go on a date with his daddy.
Or even just take a breather for myself.

If you’re in that same spot, first of all let me offer you a huge hug!

After 15 years

  • Learning about kids and child development
  • Teaching in an outstanding early childhood setting
  • Coaching parents, helping them come through the tough stuff – the potty training, the sibling jealousy, the childcare dilemmas, the guilt, the self-doubt – and helping them bond with their young children

The important lessons I’ve learned come down to this:
1) Reign in the bad stuff. Get control of your child’s behavior. That’s the only way you can move on to the fun stuff.
2) Find great answers to the question “what are we going to DO together?”
3) Build on these two to foster the lasting bond, the deep connection with your child, that sustains your relationship for all of your lives.

Don’t feel like you have to do this alone!

We help you do this here at We Turned Out Okay, with:

Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

If you’ve got any questions about anything parent-or child-rearing-related, just ask!
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This is my family! From right to left they are: Max, Jay, and Ben.

I am SO glad to know them and that I get to spend my days with them.




A documentary about me

My struggle with chronic illness – and how it’s helped strengthen the bonds I have with my family – is documented in this short film, Use Your Words; click here to check it out!