A whole bunch of tools for parenting and happy family time: Bonus Podcast Episode

For a long time, the podcast was the tool.
Then I wrote Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics – and we had 2 tools.
And now, a little more than three years in, we’ve got a multitude of tools for parenting and happy family time

Today’s episode is a discussion of some of the best tools, a description of how parents are changing their families’ lives by utilizing these tools, and a roadmap so that you know where to find the exact We Turned Out Okay tools you need!

This episode came up because, at the beginning of 2018, a new listener to We Turned Out Okay got in touch with me, and she shared that she had a bad experience listening to the show: to her, listening felt as if I’d taken her to a party where I knew everyone – and she knew no one.

I really took that critique to heart. I’ve been working ever since to be sure that everything I do makes you, the listener, feel welcomed and included, and that’s how we ended up where we are.

The tools I talk about in this episode:

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Thank you for listening!

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