Is Spanking Ever Okay? A Your Child Explained Episode (Podcast Episode 223)

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As you probably did, I got spanked as a kid.

But, probably unlike you, I became an early childhood educator and lesson one was “we never, EVER spank a child.”

Still, it’s tempting, especially if it means stopping a behavior that you cannot stand for one more minute.

So, is it ever okay to spank your child? Do you ever do it?

Today – on We Turned Out Okay’s THIRD birthday! – we dig into why parents spank kids, the lessons a child learns from being spanked, and what other options we parents have.


WHY Parents Spank Kids

Not surprisingly, spanking doesn’t happen when your child’s behavior is smooth and easy.

It’s when they balk at what you are telling them to do.

When they drag their feet, whine, nag at a sibling until that sibling retaliates.

Spankings happen when we feel that we have been pushed to the absolute brink – when we feel like we have got no other choice.

Take a listen to this episode if you’ve ever felt like that, especially if you’re not quite sure that spanking is what you should be doing, but you don’t see any other option.

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WHAT Spanking Teaches Kids

Unfortunately, spanking doesn’t teach the lesson we intend.

Sure, it stops the immediate issue, so by all appearances we have done our job.

But the child learns something that we don’t intend:

The child learns that the biggest person wins.

That might makes right, and right now they are not mighty.

But just you wait! Someday, they WILL be mighty, and then they’ll show us.

And the cycle repeats.

So, no.

Spanking is NEVER okay.

Just below, I share exactly what to do instead of spanking.


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INSTEAD of Spanking, Do This

In today’s episode you hear about a parent in our NPC online, private coaching community whose child refused to get into the car, and so the mom felt that she had no choice but to spank.

She hated it, but she didn’t know what else to do…

In courageously sharing her frustrations, and being open to learning, this parent changed both her life, and her child’s.

If she did it, if she broke the spanking cycle, so can you.

Here’s my 3-step method to disciplining without violence:

1) Acknowledge your child’s feelings: “I understand how you feel.”

2) Explain: “But, this is our only choice right now.”

3) Calmly, firmly, as gently as you can – and despite all screaming and protests – make the child do what needs to be done.

These are the basics. In the Ninja Parenting Community, we go into LOTS more detail – there is even a course module called “What to do instead of spanking your child”!

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