How to Handle Every Temper Tantrum

Sometimes, every parent struggles with a child’s meltdowns and screaming fits.

Here’s what most people do when a tantrum happens:

Kids. Sometimes, it’s a good thing they’re cute.

– They give an ineffective timeout
– They shout at their tantruming child, and then feel awful afterwards
– They do absolutely nothing – and as a result they feel powerless.

Meanwhile, their kid’s still screaming.


Eventually, most people conclude “this is just how life is with kids.”

They couldn’t be more wrong!

Yes, temper tantrums happen.

But how you handle them – what you do in the moment while that tantrum is happening – makes ALL the difference.

Read on to discover: how to confidently, calmly handle every temper tantrum.
Feel successful as a parent.
Don’t let public tantrums, and the judginess that comes with them, get you down anymore.
Begin to TRULY enjoy the time you spend with your kids!


Why Kids Melt Down

First of all, why do kids melt down?

Temper tantrums happen for the following reasons:
1) A kid is angry because you’re making him stop doing something he wants to keep doing
2) Your child is upset because you won’t let her start doing something she wants to do
3) They are frustrated because they don’t have the language ability to make you understand what they want


What to do about Your Tantruming Child

First: Understand why your child is melting down. (See above.)

Second: Download my Guide to Handling Every Temper Tantrum!

When you sign up for this guide, you immediately get my 5-Point Checklist so you can handle every temper tantrum, and my Video that helps you truly understand this process.

Once you know the process, once you watch the video and use the checklist, you can handle your child’s tantrums like a pro.

All for free!

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