Firmness or Flexibility: which is more important in parenting? (Podcast Episode 225)

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Maybe you have said to yourself,

when you’re watching a parent fail miserably to bring a recalcitrant child under control, “that will NEVER be me. I pride myself on order and discipline in my house!”

Or, maybe you’ve heard snide comments from teachers or relatives about your child “ruling the roost,” and it’s frustrating because you don’t want to be a disciplinarian. That’s not why you had kids, to order them around!

So, which is it? Do you need to be firm? Or do you need to be flexible?

Listen to today’s episode to find out!

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So, which is it? Flexibility, or firmness?

The answer, which is both frustrating and freeing: it’s both.

Parents need to be flexible, and parents need to be firm; the trick is knowing exactly when to be which!

I recently read a book which I’m so thankful came into my life. It’s The Power of Healthy Tension, by Tim Arnold, a man who is dad to two and whose day job is helping run a homeless shelter.

This book explains exactly when parents need to be flexible, and when we need to be firm.

We parents must stop looking at this as an either/or situation; that’s the trap we can easily fall into, viewing something as a binary “it’s got to be one thing, or the other, there is no middle ground.”

Because when we do that – when we view firmness and flexibility as to opposite poles on a continuum, rather than thinking we must always adhere to one, or the other – really good things began to happen.

It can be frustrating as you are first learning to move between the firmness and flexibility poles… But you’ll soon see, if you try it and stick with it, that you can change up quickly; if one is not working, you can move toward the other.


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A Story About Potty Training

In today’s episode I share a story about potty training (why are they always about potty training? : ) in which my youngest felt like I was always forcing him to “try” on the potty, and I wasn’t letting him choose for himself.

I was being too firm, and not flexible enough.

Previous potty training experience had taught me that you must be firm; I am eternally grateful to my youngest for helping me see that flexibility is important as well.

It definitely makes for a better parenting experience, not to mention happy home life, when we are open to learning lessons from the children who inhabit our home.

I am wishing you all the best as you figure out your own ever-changing place on the flexibility-firmness continuum!


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