Can tablet use cause behavior problems? A Your Child Explained Episode (podcast episode 226)

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This episode, we focus on a serious issue.

It’s one you may have been wondering about, but not known what to do about – or even if it was a big deal at all:

Does tablet or smartphone use contribute to a child’s behavior problems?

We live in this world, which is absolutely filled with tech. The tech doesn’t appear to be going anywhere fast… So what’s the answer?

Does tablet use contribute to behavior problems?

Listen to today’s episode to find out!

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What’s a parent to conclude?

It’s a nuanced answer.
Sometimes, yes – screen time, including tablet or smartphone use, contributes to a child’s behavior problems.

And sometimes, no, it doesn’t.

Read on to discover when the use of screens DOES contribute to behavior issues you might see in your child!


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It’s bad when the tech use does this:

No matter what, you do not want tech/tablet/smart phone use to interrupt family communication.

This can mean when your child is using tech… But it can also mean when YOU are using it.

Recently I consulted with a family where the parents relied on a timer on their smart phones too often.

Within an hour or so, that timer must’ve been set and gone off fifteen times.

It got so that it was used so often, relied upon so much, that it interrupted the family’s communication with each other.

And that is what we don’t want.


How to Stop Tech Use from Contributing to Your Child’s Behavior Problems

Because technology interrupts good communication, in addition to overstimulating and making kids antsy, it can contribute to a child’s behavior issues.

I mean, think about it: after some amount of tech time, what child is not bouncing off the walls?

They’ve had lots of mental stimulation, but no real opportunity (while they’re using technology) to move their bodies meaningfully.

So, how do we make sure that the tech use in our homes isn’t creating – or worsening – behavior problems in our kids?

I’ve got three ways, read about them below.


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3 Ways to Safely Use Tech with Young Children

1) Pick your times with care.

Have some time that is tech time, and other time that is decidedly not tech time.

2) Put the tech away – for lots of every day.

As stated above, technology interrupts good communication with kids.

We love our kids, and good communication helps us truly enjoy the time we spend with them too; technology interrupts that good communication and paradoxically can make the time we spend with our kids more onerous and frustrating.

If you want light and enjoyable, instead of onerous and frustrating?
Put the tech away.

3) Mind your own tech use, as well.

When kids and screens expert Devorah Heitner came on We Turned Out Okay (I will link to her episode below), she talked about how, if kids could create an app, lots of them would create an app that gave them the power to shut off their PARENTS’ phones.

When we are caught up in an email, or a texting thread, and our eyes are continually drawn down to our phone, even when our kids are trying to get our attention – that’s bad.

Really bad, because our overuse of technology (say it with me) interrupts good communication with kids.

I’m not saying “don’t use tech around your kids.”

What I am saying is, when you’re using it, understand the potential impact it is having…

You are the one with the power in this situation, and sometimes that means powering down your devices.


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