Give Your Child the Magic of Summer: A Conversation with Summer Camp Director/Sunshine Parenting Podcast Host Audrey Monke (Podcast Episode 224)

To us grown-ups, summer can mean

headaches caused by heat and humidity, too much time spent in air-conditioning, and unwelcome changes in routine.

Also, the endless application of sunscreen on our littles.

But to kids, just being outside can be a revelation. There’s birdsong, and water, and dirt…

Summer is a great time for reconnecting with your child, for truly listening to him or her – for deep, true bonding with this little person you are bringing up.

Does that seem daunting? If you’re not sure how to begin, listen to this episode of We Turned Out Okay!

Today, I am excited to interview Sunshine Parenting podcast host Audrey Monke, who has directed a summer camp for more than 30 years.

In that time Audrey has seen it all: extreme homesickness, parental worries, and, again and again, the life-changing magic of summertime.

We tap into her knowledge of how to make summer great, as Audrey shares THE 3 most important things you can do this summer to capture that magic, to truly enjoy the time you spend with your young child.

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Summer is a magical time for kids

Summer’s coming, and who better to talk to about having a great time with kids in summer than a summer camp director?

Just below, read about my guest’s 3 most important things you can do this summer to bond with your young child, to give them the gift of bonding with you, but first…


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For a Great Summer Do This

Here’s 30-year veteran summer camp director and host of the Sunshine Parenting podcast Audrey Monke’s top three things to do with your child this summer!

1) Get outside… for free play time.
Open-ended free play. For fun, for bonding, for better balance skills and people’s important knowledge of where their body is in space – a skill American children are rapidly losing – nothing beats playing outside!

2) Get them off screens.
Try a craft, or a hobby, something new with your child.
As great as screens are, they are also dangerous and detrimental to our human health. Use them sparingly, especially in summer when there is so much else that’s wonderful in the (real, not virtual) world.

3) Read with them.
Books are magical and fit in really well with the magic of summertime!


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2) Click here for Homesick and Happy by Michael Thompson, the book Audrey sends every new-camper family

3) If you feel like you could never afford summer camp, or your child has a special need and you’re concerned there isn’t a camp for him or her, Audrey says, don’t give up hope!

Go to, because likely there is a camp for your child, there is a scholarship program, so that you can give your son or daughter the magic of camp.

4) Click here for Strengths Finder 2.0

5) Click here for Audrey’s Sunshine Parenting episode about Strengths Finder 2.0

6) Click here for the VIA strength test, the free test Audrey shares with and counselors at camp

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8) Click here for the book Deep Work by Cal Newport, recommended by KJ in the above podcast : )

9) Click here for iGen by Jean Twenge


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