How to get quality childcare: A masterclass | Podcast Episode 272

If you’ve ever struggled with less-than-quality childcare, whether in daycare or in a school setting, today’s episode is for you!

Because you are not alone. I’ve been working closely with people whose childcare providers do inscrutable things – one mom tells of an “aggression journal” her 3-year-old son’s childcare teachers are keeping about him! – and another who found her most recent parent-teacher conference frightening and overwhelming.

Which is why today I’m bringing you, in audio format, the class I taught just last week, all about “How to get quality childcare.”

During this master class I share:
1) The three most important keys to finding the best childcare
2) One crucial factor that can hold you back from getting quality childcare
3) The questions you should – and should not – ask potential and current childcare providers
4) An Open House Tour of the private coaching community where quality childcare has been our in-depth focus for the last 3 months
5) A Case Study of one class attendee, Amanda, and her 3-year-old son’s struggles with nap time at daycare

I hope it’s super helpful as your child moves out into the wider world, in daycare, preschool, or school!

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And thank you so much for listening!

Temper Tantrums and Potty Training:

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Cheat sheet on how to get great childcare

1) The three keys to finding the best childcare:

– How is the program structured?
You’re looking for a flexible, predictable routine; TONS of open-ended play time; and the right amount of teacher facilitation

– How do teachers treat the children?
They should shape behavior with either positive – or neutral – discipline; they should base their interactions on what they see in your child, and not what they hear about him or her; they should always be flexible and child centered

– How does communication with parents work?
They should view you as being an equal player on the same team; you should hear about more than just the negatives, the infractions your child commits in a day; and they should support you and your goals for your child.

2) The crucial factor that can hold you back from finding great childcare
Simply put, our own self-doubt can hold us back! Don’t let it.

3) The questions you should – and shouldn’t – ask

Avoid questions (which means, avoid worrying) about less-important aspects, such as “how will our choice of preschool impact our child’s college education?”
The locale and pedigree of your child’s preschool matters far less than the answers to the questions below.

Ask questions such as:
“Is this a good fit for my actual, human child?”
“How will the teachers treat my son or daughter, with all their quirks and foibles?”
“Does this feel like a place with lots of nurturing and caring?”

Keep in mind: this is a cheat sheet, a tiny distillation of everything in this episode! Listen to the episode for the expanded version.
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