Is it ADHD or normal behavior? Podcast Episode 299

“I am still just so scared these challenges are going to last forever, and school and daily life will always be a struggle. It’s so hard to see the stuff other kids can do that [my three-year-old] just can’t.”

If this lament – if these fears – sound familiar, I hope today’s episode will help.

Raising children is a hard job, especially when you’re worried about a child’s behavior, and if it’s normal or not.

In this episode we’ve got 5 ways for you to feel better about the bad behavior, and how you’re doing as a parent!

Plus in Parenting News:
A wonderful, funny, sweet TED talk by comedian Julia Sweeney on her chat with her eight-year-old about the birds and the bees.
Watch it – without the kids around, at least at first – to determine if it might be useful to you, when it’s time for you to have that same talk. And also to smile.

Join us!

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Read more about the 5 ways to feel better (mentioned above), and check out the links for this episode, by clicking

Today’s episode is sponsored by the amazing Janine Halloran, expert in teaching kids coping skills, who has created a great resource to help your child handle it when the going gets tough!
Listen to today’s show to find out how to get 15% off your order, and then
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When you feel like you just can’t win at parenting

Happy Wednesday!

Reminder: Through 9/30/19 I’m offering the Friends and Family membership rate to join the private coaching community I host online for parents! I would love to work with you closely, helping you enjoy this parenting journey.

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Recently a mom in my private coaching community posted in our forums: “I feel like I just can’t win.”

Maybe you know how she feels. In the previous week her child:
– Ran from his childcare classroom multiple times
– Slapped a teacher
– Spit, kicked, and hit multiple people, multiple times, including the mom herself
– Shouted, screamed, and melted down, mostly in public
– Bit a child at the playground

In short, her three-year-old had a tough week. As a result, so did she.

There was real despair in her writing, and my heart just went out to her. Continue reading “When you feel like you just can’t win at parenting”

What America’s messed-up healthcare system means for your family, with An Arm and a Leg Podcast host Dan Weissmann | Podcast Episode 294

Are you, as a parent, coming to view American healthcare as a soul-sucking showstopper of happiness?
Don’t despair. Today’s guest, Dan Weissmann, has some great ideas and advice!

Dan sparked a movement when he began a podcast about the many ways average Americans – confronting a healthcare system that can be ruinous both financially, and healthwise – think of and approach family health and happiness.

The Arm and a Leg Podcast dives into some crazy stuff!
Listening to Dan’s show you can learn about:
A couple who discovered that their healthcare had unceremoniously dropped them just a few months before that child was due to arrive
The story of how we got insulin, and how, due to high cost, people who rely upon it are becoming modern-day rebel cowboys, figuring out how to create it themselves
Traveling Renaissance Faire folks who can teach you how to resolve disputes with your healthcare provider
Dan stops by today, to talk about how we got here and the true state of healthcare in America today.

Plus in Parenting News: We discuss the work of friend-of-the-podcast Devorah Heitner regarding what kids are really watching on YouTube, and how you can deal with it, in this article on her website. I also read her words from a recent Parenting Newsletter that I wrote on the dangers of YouTube for kids.

Also in the preshow I share that friends-of-the-podcast Jessica Lahey and KJ Dell’Antonia invited me onto their show, #AmWriting, to discuss what it’s like to overcome difficult circumstances and achieve your goals.
If you’d like some insight into your host, and why we have the show at all, this conversation is a great starting point.
Click here to listen!

And thanks for being here!

(Click for show notes, including a complete transcript of our conversation today.)

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Today’s episode is sponsored by the amazing Janine Halloran, expert in teaching kids coping skills, and an incredible resource she has created to help your child handle even the biggest feelings!
Click to check out Janine’s Coping Skills for Kids Cue Card Decks.

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5 Ways to help your child feel safe (amidst news reports on gun violence) Bonus Podcast Episode 290.5

We have all been hit hard by the news recently. And if we, as adults, are feeling the strain and stress, it’s a safe bet that our children feel it too.
How can you help?
In this bonus episode I offer five ways.

Helpful links:

Click here for episode 261 of We Turned Out Okay, my conversation with Maureen Healy (whose Bubble Breathing exercise I suggest in this episode.)

Click here for the link to the Eckerd College article about Marjorie Sanfilippo, whose study about kids and guns I talk about in this episode.

Click to sign up for my parenting newsletter, which right now (in real-time) is an in-depth, 4-part series on how to handle overwhelmed at the start of the school year.

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Remaining calm, even when they are throwing dirt at each other

Happy Wednesday!

Picture this: your children are facing up across the topsoil mound in your backyard. And they’re throwing dirt at each other.

You have no idea how it started, or who started it. All you know is, you sent them outside to play and here they are, hurling dirt.

Perhaps your first instinct is to lose it, and fly off the handle.
To shout, to send them to their rooms, maybe even to spank them.
It would feel so good… To show them who’s boss, and to make them listen to your authority.

And, maybe that would work in the moment. Maybe you’d end up with more obedient kids – in the short-term, at least.

But when a coaching client of mine experienced this exact scenario, she did something different.
She did something that, together, we had been working on:

A method to keep calm, and help her 4-and 7-year-old girls resolve the conflict that started the dirt-throwing. Continue reading “Remaining calm, even when they are throwing dirt at each other”

YouTube is a dangerous place. Here’s how to protect your child.

Happy Wednesday!

Heads up: a week from tomorrow I’m teaching a FREE online parenting class, “How to Help Your Kids Get Along with Other Kids!” Learn more and register for the class by clicking here.

Training update:

While I did get 2 advanced chapters of Educating Happy Kids: 9 Ways to Help Your Children Learn What They Need to Know into the Ninja Parenting Community, I had high hopes of getting a cover survey to you this week… But I was unable to do that.

I’ve experienced a flareup of my tendon condition, and cover creation, while super fun, requires a lot of clicking.
I haven’t been able to do it.

And I am sorry about that.

It hurts to get in here and report that I wasn’t able to do something for you that I had set out to do.

But I am pressing on! Hopefully within the next week I will be able to share covers and get your input on the one you like the best.

The dangers of YouTube and how to protect your child from them

YouTube is simply a tool.
Tools can be used for good purposes – like learning how to knit using short rows, or clean the inside of your car’s windshield. But tools can also be used for nefarious purposes.

During a discussion in the private coaching group for parents that I run, one mom questioned my idea of focusing on YouTube as one of the most dangerous places on the Internet.

In response to an Educating Happy Kids advanced chapter, she wrote into our forums: “I think “YouTube is Dangerous” was well done, but you neglect to explain that your example is just that, an example. It’s not the only place where those problematic algorithms live.”

This mom has a great point.
Probably like you, I love YouTube and use it frequently. But it does have its dangers, and they are problematic for this very reason: just about everyone uses YouTube.
Including our kids. With so many millions upon millions of children using YouTube, it represents a huge danger, and thus is worthy of consideration all by itself, in a blog post like this.

YouTube is also all about rabbit holes. In the last few weeks I have been pulled down a rabbit hole of investigating YouTube as a tool. Continue reading “YouTube is a dangerous place. Here’s how to protect your child.”

One word

Usually on Mondays I teach a quick phrase – this week it was supposed to be just one word – in the WTOO Facebook group, but instead I was getting an MRI and so couldn’t get in there.

So I decided to use this space to teach it to you (many of you are in the Facebook group already, so this week you’re getting this here, instead of there: )

A few weeks ago, we Kolps had a problem.
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When Your Spouse is Not On Board | Podcast Episode 274

As life partners, we all have some disagreements.
But what if you feel like your disagreements are interfering in family life?
That’s what this episode is all about, so if you’re worrying about any of this you’re in the right place!
I’ve got 3 ways to get your spouse on the same page as you are.

Plus: in Parenting News, we consider coding as one of the academic 3Rs.
Join us!

Go to for:

  • A cheat sheet of the 3 ways discussed today
  • Links to a whole bunch of good stuff, including the key links talked about today and free potty training and temper tantrum free guides
  • The video of the week: “My spouse isn’t on board with how I’m raising our kids”

And thank you so much for listening!

Live Q&A and Open House Tour

Ever wished you could check out the private coaching community that I run for parents of young children?
Do you have questions about if it could work for you, even in your busy, insane life and with whatever technical skills you possess (especially if you feel like they’re not very good)?
You’re in luck! On Thursday, April 25 at 1 PM EST I am throwing open the doors to the Ninja Parenting Community!
I’m taking you right inside, and showing you:
– What our members love about it
– How the community helps parents turn family time into “the best time of the day”
– And I’m taking questions too!

It’s free… I’m so excited to bring you in and show you around!
It’s live… But even if you can’t be there live, signing up gets you the replay so you can rewatch as many times as you like.
It’s where my heart and soul is… because I get to work closely with so many amazing parents.

Don’t miss out on discovering this secret to happy parenting…
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How do my relationships with other grown-ups affect my kiddos? | Podcast Episode 265

What difference, you might be wondering, can it possibly make to my kids if I have good relationships with other grown-ups?

Actually, it matters quite a bit.

In this installment of the Raising Successful Kids series we talk about the impact of our relationships, including with our spouses and life-partners, on the eventual fulfillment and happiness of our children.

Join us!

Go to for:

  • A cheat sheet on the ideas in this episode
  • Key links from our conversation, including the resources I share, to help you understand this idea and move forward with it
  • The video of the week: “How does my relationship affect my kids?”

And thank you so much for listening!

Temper Tantrums and Potty Training:

During today’s break I share about two helpful free guides I offer.
While the podcast is long-form – your opportunity to look into the mind of a child development expert – the free guides are super quick.

You can watch the video, read the checklist, and immediately handle the temper tantrums or get started with potty training (depending on which guide you choose : )

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  • Click here for the FREE video and checklist to successfully potty train your child
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Corporal Punishment in Schools: Why is this still a thing? Podcast episode 244

This is the only kind of paddling your child should ever be exposed to.

Recently one of the moms in my parent coaching community wrote in to share that her 4-year-old sons were about to start school… in a preschool-through-12th-grade school where corporal punishment is used.

“I can’t imagine [my boys] doing anything that would warrant a paddling, but I could not make myself check that box saying it was okay,” she wrote in our forums.

She then shared that, if parents check the “no, don’t spank my kid” box, children are exposed to other punishments such as a 3-day suspension and zeros on any assignments missed!

I was shocked. In every state there are laws against striking people in prisons and in the military; in most every state it’s illegal to strike an animal.

But it turns out that in 19 states, it’s okay to strike a child in school.

Come down the rabbit hole with me, into the world of corporal punishment.
It’s a world that might be much closer to you than you ever imagined.

Go to for:

  • Links to the articles I discuss today
  • The video I made recently about what to do when your young child wants to do everything all by him or herself… but can’t, and then has a fit
  • Also to hear my story about being in a flash flood this week!! I talk about that during the break. It was scary, that’s for sure!

And thank you so much for listening! Continue reading “Corporal Punishment in Schools: Why is this still a thing? Podcast episode 244”