Practical ways to keep going

Happy Wednesday!

Today I want to share some ways that clients of mine are finding to live IN this difficult time, as a way to get through it.
These are members of my online private coaching practice, who are going through likely very similar things to what you’re going through – living with cranky or clingy kids, uncertainty about the future, and anxiety about everything from family life to our society .

As we get started I also want to remind you, NPC Summer Camp starts in just two days! I share more about the program below, and you can click here to join the Ninja Parenting Community.

1. Cranky or clingy kids, limited patience.
I am hearing from many people whose kids are extra cranky, or extra clingy, right now.

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336: Listener Q&A – Sibling jealousy and Adoption

“Would you have any recommendations for books or anything that might help with learning the best ways to integrate an older adopted child into a family, or good books on adoption and advice?”
“How to divide my attention between my 1 YO and my 4 YO… I try to give exclusive mummy daughter time but it’s never enough.”

These are the first two questions in our Q&A series… I hope they are helpful!

A Summer Camp program for you
Towards the end of the episode I mention NPC Summer Camp, a new program I’m offering to help parents of young children not just get through, but live IN, summer 2020. Opening Ceremonies are this coming Friday!

Spend your whole first month in my online coaching practice for parents (NPC) for FREE – exclusively for podcast listeners and folks in my email group – by clicking here (offer ends Wednesday, June 24, so enroll today!)

Then you’ll be all set for summer camp! We’ll have lots of fun, keeping each other company and taking control of our family’s direction in this, a summer like no other.

Camp activities are aimed at helping you enjoy family time even in this year’s difficult circumstances.
Join now, spend your whole first month in NPC for free. I can’t wait to see you in our community forums!

For the adoption and sibling jealousy links that come up today, click the following link:

And hang in there. We will get through this together!
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Give Your Child the Magic of Summer: A Conversation with Summer Camp Director/Sunshine Parenting Podcast Host Audrey Monke (Podcast Episode 224)

To us grown-ups, summer can mean

headaches caused by heat and humidity, too much time spent in air-conditioning, and unwelcome changes in routine.

Also, the endless application of sunscreen on our littles.

But to kids, just being outside can be a revelation. There’s birdsong, and water, and dirt…

Summer is a great time for reconnecting with your child, for truly listening to him or her – for deep, true bonding with this little person you are bringing up.

Does that seem daunting? If you’re not sure how to begin, listen to this episode of We Turned Out Okay!

Today, I am excited to interview Sunshine Parenting podcast host Audrey Monke, who has directed a summer camp for more than 30 years.

In that time Audrey has seen it all: extreme homesickness, parental worries, and, again and again, the life-changing magic of summertime.

We tap into her knowledge of how to make summer great, as Audrey shares THE 3 most important things you can do this summer to capture that magic, to truly enjoy the time you spend with your young child.

For TONS of amazing links that come up in today’s conversation, as well as to join our We Turned Out Okay private Facebook group (I’ve got a big announcement in today’s episode about something new happening in the group!)…

Go to
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102: Why Kids Need Music and Other Sensory Experiences Well Beyond Summer Camp

music-818459_1920In today’s last Summer Camp episode, we talk about how to get kids the musical and sensory experiences they need – and why they need these experiences so much.

My first job out of college, I worked in the infant room of a day care center with kids age about 6 months old to about 1-year-old. Each week, the center brought in a guitarist to sing and play to the babies, and I was absolutely amazed at how they responded: no matter where they were in our room, they crawled over to the guitarist, dancing in that bouncing-up-and-down way that babies have, grinning and laughing and trying to touch the guitarist in the guitar. It was amazing!

That experience was my first taste of how very badly children need music in their lives.

Then, as a preschool teacher and earning my master’s degree in early childhood education I learned how important other sensory experiences are to help regulate the kid’s mood, workout aggressions, and learn kinesthetically.

Go to to listen and for notes about how to get music and other sensory experiences into your child’s life!

(Photo by Gavin Whitner of

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101: Science Comes Out Swinging in Our Final Podcast Field Trip of The Summer

Maybe you’ve heard of studies showing that, the more facts you place in front of someone who disagrees with your position, the less likely they are to agree with you?

Science Versus, a new podcast from the juggernaut Gimlet Media, takes an unusual approach to looking at the many things we humans can disagree on, and I love it. Host Wendy Zuckerman, with her delightful Australian accent and ability to be neutral on some pretty charged issues, investigates every aspect of each episode’s subject.

Today, our podcast field trip looks at a divisive issue among us parents: Attachment Parenting. Click for key links to see how attachment parenting stacks up against science!

Key Links:
Here is the Science Versus webpage, so you can get an overview of all their episodes so far.

Click this link for the podcast notes for the Attachment Parenting show specifically.

Write to me at to let me know what you thought of host Wendy Zuckerman’s take on attachment parenting!

100: Fishing With Kids – We Talk to 19-Time Husband-of-the-Year Award Winner, Our Producer Benjamin Kolp!

noon hill labor day 5
How lucky that episode 100 landed during Summer Camp, creating the perfect moment for a conversation with the man behind the great sound of this podcast, my husband and Max and Jay’s dad, Benjamin Kolp. We geek out over sound technology, the origins of We Turned Out Okay, and best of all Ben shares many awesome tips on fishing with kids for you guys!

This is a man who really, really loves fishing. Ben shares two scenarios regarding your children, you, and fishing:

1) you love to fish, and want to give your young kids that same love; or
2) the thought of worms and fishhooks makes you are really squeamish, but your young child desperately wants to learn how to fish.

Which heading do you come under?

Read detailed notes about Ben’s tips and listen to this episode at!

So, which are you – a confirmed fisherman who wants to share this pastime with your kids, or someone who could take it or leave it but whose kids absolutely are in love with the idea of fishing?

To get your kids into a sport, like fishing, that you love, Ben shares this golden rule:

– make sure that the focus is on your child’s fishing, not yours.
When our kids were small, Ben tried casting alongside the boys, only to continually find himself putting down his own rod to go untangle somebody else’s, or help them bring in a fish, or change a lure…
Focusing on your child’s fishing now, gearing a fishing trip to your child’s attention span – you may only stay five minutes with very young kids – means that, in a few years, you’ll be happily fishing alongside each other.

If the idea of worms and fish hooks really freaks you out, but your child dreams of catching fish, use these tips as a starting point:

– bring along rubber gloves and needle-nose pliers in addition to lures and fishing rod; the rubber gloves mean you won’t actually have to touch fish, while the pliers help you get out of the fish’s mouth.
– teach your son or daughter to do the stuff that makes you squeamish: placing a worm on the hook, removing a fish, etc.
Kids, Ben shares, and do lots more than we think they can!

Other great ideas when fishing with little kids:
– use your needle-nose pliers to crimp the barbs on your child’s fishhooks, which makes catch-and-release infinitely easier
– kids just want to catch fish; any sized fish will do, they are thrilled when they catch a tiny three inch sunfish
– fishing need not be expensive – kids need a rod that fits them, fishhooks, and a few lures (and some of Ben’s favorites are frozen corn and worms dug up from the yard)
– before you even get to water, Ben shares a favorite technique to help kids cast better and have more awareness of where the fishhook is: practice casting at home, in the driveway or yard, without fishhooks

I hope you are able to take advantage of these many tips from my fishing husband!

099: We Visit a Podcast… That Visits Other Podcasts!

IMG_2467On today’s podcast field trip, we head for a new favorite of mine: Gimlet’s Sampler, hosted by Britanny Luse!

Go to for links to this new favorite (along with another great Gimlet show, Surprisingly Awesome) and to listen!

Listen to Brittany bring us up to speed on Beyoncé and all that she stands for in “All the Ways to Say Lemonade”

I hope this episode, Tickle Me, makes you giggle as much as I did!

Thanks to my brother Dave for introducing me to Surprisingly Awesome! Click here to listen to their fantastic episode Extinct Hockey.

097: Today’s Podcast Field Trip Explores Creativity and Innovation

Today we visit a podcast that will stimulate your creativity and help you learn about some really great and cool things – Innovation Hub with host Kara Miller!

I share two recent episodes, plus one from a year or so ago, that really stand out in my mind and will be relevant for you.
Go to for links to Innovation Hub, and to listen!

One recent episode that I loved is called The Not-So-Golden Age of Marriage; in it Kara talks to researchers about their work in the field of marriage, what it used to look like, and what we can learn from what it used to look like. Click here to listen!

Another recent favorite: Pssssst: I Hear This Podcast Is About The Science of Gossip, about how humans have always gossiped and that maybe we couldn’t really be human without it. Click here to listen (pssst – you’ll love it 🙂

A year ago, Kara interviewed Weird-Al Yankovic, a man who is kind of a hero of mine, a singer of silly parodies that somehow manage to make me laugh and think at the same time. Listen to Kara’s great conversation with Weird Al by clicking here!

What do you think of our podcast field trip episodes? Any favorite podcasts you’d like us to visit in the future? Tell me! Go to

The Ninja Parenting Community, the online, members-only community I built with you in mind (if you’ve got littles, and need more support than the podcast alone can give), is open! Click this link to learn more about it and see if it’s right for you.