320: Kids and tech: what you need to know

Screens are here to stay – which is awesome on the one hand, and completely frightening on the other.
Especially when it comes to little kids.
It’s so hard to know:
– what is the right amount of screen time
– what is damaging or detrimental
– how to come up with guidelines about this in the first place
– how to implement those guidelines in the second

We discuss all of this today – in fact, we are talking kids and tech all month!

Join us as we kick off with a show about the basics:
Good guidelines to keep in mind with kids and technology, and also how you can implement those guidelines.
Click play to dive in!

Here’s a cheat sheet for this episode:

The guidelines –
1. We all need boredom in our lives.
Having digital (or nondigital, for that matter) distractions for every moment when we might feel bored creates people who do not know how to amuse themselves.
It even creates people who don’t know themselves.
So while it might not feel great, making sure that kids have a chance to be bored and need to figure out how to amuse themselves is super important.

2. Less is more.
The more time digital devices spend turned over and put away on a high shelf, the better.

3. Don’t let tech interfere with human connection and bonding.

How to implement the guidelines –
1. Pick your time with care.
2. Put the tech away, for lots of every day.
3. Always, ALWAYS be sure to watch YouTube along with your kids.
As kids and media specialist Devorah Heitner says, “there is no safe way for young children to watch YouTube alone.”
4. Mind your own tech use as well.

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The newsletter I did about YouTube, the most dangerous place on the Internet.
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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, a great PBS show

Anti-bullying expert Brooks Gibbs invites kids to try and bully him

https://weturnedoutokay.com/joinnpc, the place where you can work closely with me to solve your biggest parenting challenges, feel happy inside, and truly enjoy family time <3

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On Keeping Your Child Safe (Podcast Episode 231)

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Today we’re talking about safety – just simple safety.

I’ve got three unconventional ways to help you ensure that your child is safe, in a variety of situations and from the time that they are very small…

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Podcast Episode 210: For Us Parents, a Choice that Really Matters

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Do you sometimes feel that you will drown in a sea of bad news, bad weather, bad everything?

I know I do… and right here at the beginning of the year I am sharing the ways that I have found to stay positive, even while floating on this sea.

Listen to today’s episode so that we can stay positive together!

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Podcast Episode 199: Three Reasons to Encourage Kids’ Dreams

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I’m kicking off the holiday season insanity with an episode that is counter-intuitively meta-level… And I promise, there will be time for more practical ideas before the end of the year.

But this one is special, something I’ve wanted to talk about on the show for a while now, regarding how easy it is for us to step all over our children’s dreams, both their short-term, heart’s-desire hopes, and the long-term big, passionate ideas.

Recently I read something that helped me realize: there are three really good reasons to support our kids in their dreams.

One of these reasons is for their own safety.

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