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When public speaking and life coach Linda Ugelow invited me on her TV show in April 2017, I was thrilled! Women Inspired is where Linda speaks with entrepreneurs, teachers, and people with a compelling journey to share.

During the show, Linda invites me to give something away to viewers – and I provide the link to download my book, Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics, for free… If you’re feeling stuck in your parenting, definitely watch for that!
Thank you, Linda, for inviting me onto the show. You’re doing something really special at Women Inspired, and I can’t wait to watch more!


Rob Broadhead over at blessing not stressing is creating a wonderful new podcast for parents, and in April 2017 he invited me on, to talk about my parenting journey and what it means for you, if you’re the parent of young children.
My conversation is split over several Fridays; listen to the first installment here.
Thanks so much, Rob, for having me on the show!



“Homework is serious business… It’s a huge part of many millions of school children’s lives. Kids and parents need all the help they can get in coping with it.” – Karen Lock Kolp

November 2016: Journalist Jaci Conry quoted me in her Boston Globe article about homework and kids…Read the article here.



September 12, 2016: The Broad Experience, one of my very favorite podcasts, is all about “women and the workplace.” Host Ashley Milne-Tyte recently did a fascinating show on feminism and two of its current heroes, Sheryl Sandberg and Anne-Marie Slaughter. I’m a huge Anne-Marie Slaughter fan, and Ashley featured several of my pro-Anne-Marie ideas in this episode, “Sandberg versus Slaughter.” Click here to listen!


“My wife and I have really young kids, and as a result were so happy to check out Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics. Karen’s’s mix of personal stories and great hacks – things to do in the toughest moments with little kids – make this book so useful and entertaining. Highly recommended!” – Geoff Woods, entrepreneur and host of The Mentee Podcast

If you’re struggling with temper tantrums, crazy sleep schedules, or the continual effort of Positive_Discipline_Ninja_Tactics_Version_1 (1)putting someone else’s needs in front of your own, then I wrote Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics for you.
Click here to check the book out at Amazon – and read the introduction for free. I hope it helps you worry less and enjoy more of family life!


Click here for We Turned Out Okay’s iTunes page.


2/18/16: Today, I’m excited to share my interview on The New Family Podcast, in which Brandie Weikle interviews me about some of the unexpected challenges Ben, Max, Jay and I have experienced as a family and the good that has come out those challenges. Click here for episode 46, I hope you enjoy it!


2/4/16: Mom and podcaster/blogger Brandie Weikle is building something new and beautiful over at thenewfamily.com, and this week she invited me to be part of it! Click here to read my contribution to the 1000 Families Project, where families are heralded for all their uniqueness and joy. It’s such an honor to be included!



IMG_20422/1/16: TED-X speaker Jeffrey Moore’s blog Everyday Power is always about bettering yourself, thinking big, and loving life. So I was thrilled when Jeff invited me to write about how I found my true calling – and that essay is out today! Read 3 Ways to Find Your True Calling here, and leave me a comment over there to tell me how you’ll find your true calling!



IMG_20341/24/16: I wrote an essay about the positive lessons my 11-year-old gets from football in general, and our favorite football team in particular, and the Boston Globe Magazine publishes it today! It’s called The Right Lesson, and you can read it by clicking here (this wonderful image, which accompanies the article, was done by Gracia Lam.)




1/16/16: Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, you may have heard of mugglenet.com’s awesome podcast, Alohomora! That’s their podcast art to the left, isn’t it cool?

Today, on episode 173, I get to be their guest host, diving deep into the great and terrible chapter 23 from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Malfoy Manner. Click here to listen!


Instagram is rapidly becoming one of my favorite places on the web. I love that it’s all about pictures, and also that it’s a great place to connect with listeners of the podcast. Find me over there @weturnedoutokay!

While I’m still new to Twitter, it’s also a great place to connect. I am @StoneAgeTechie, and I hope you say hello next time you’re in there!