Helping kids love themselves and their bodies

A favorite band of mine, The Samples, has a song called Could It Be Another Change in which they sing:

You can’t love no one…
You can’t love something…
You can’t love nothin…
You can’t love anything
Till you can love yourself…
You can love yourself.

This has been on my mind a lot recently. I’ve been thinking about the messages we give our loved ones based on how we feel about ourselves.

I think in part it’s been on my mind so much because recently I was invited to be an expert speaker in a conference, Kids’ Healthy Bodies, hosted by Sarah Scheldt, M.Ed. (The series begins February 15 and will run for 14 days; click here to get your free ticket!)

My friend Sarah has pulled together a list of impressive speakers to share real-life strategies on how you can have empowered conversations with your kids around their bodies, health, and so much more! Continue reading “Helping kids love themselves and their bodies”

323: 32 Ways to occupy stuck-at-home kids (organized by amount of adult input!)

During a recent call that takes place each week in my online coaching practice, many members expressed frustration with all the lists of activities coming at us, because they’re often frustratingly disorganized.

So I wanted to give everyone a list, organized by how much time/input is required by us parents!



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Here are the 32 ways to occupy your kiddo, organized by amount of adult input:

A few caveats, this will definitely depend on a child’s age. A two-year-old will not be able to be as independent in making yarn dolls, for example, as seven or eight-year-old would be. But hopefully there’s something in here for everyone!

1. Minimum adult input activities: Continue reading “323: 32 Ways to occupy stuck-at-home kids (organized by amount of adult input!)”

What direction is your family going in?

I didn’t feel like I had control over the direction our family was going in.”
– Jen, NPC member and Mom of two

When longtime NPC member Jen came on the podcast in spring 2019, I asked her the question “what do you like best about being in the Ninja Parenting Community?”

I thought Jen would say “I love the courses,” or “I get so much out of private parent coaching calls with you Karen,” or even “I love that your parenting e-books are included in membership!”

I thought Jen would share about some individual aspect of the community, some tangible piece that she found helpful.

Instead, her response showed me: it’s not just the courses, or the e-books.
It’s not just the private coaching calls.

The Ninja Parenting Community gives parents the ability to take control of the direction their family is going in.

That is SUCH a big deal!

Imagine having that kind of control.

Imagine knowing how to use positive discipline to get your child to:
– Stop writing on walls
– Speak to you respectfully
– Work out arguments with siblings (instead of screaming or lashing out physically)

Imagine knowing how to overcome issues with school or day care.

Imagine successful potty training.

Imagine knowing how to treat yourself with compassion, how to forgive yourself when you slip up.

These are all hallmarks of a family that is going in the right direction.

And, these are all the things that I work on every day with ninja parents.

If you’re struggling with the direction your family’s going, I hope you’ll join the community that helps parents truly enjoy family time.

Click here to join the Ninja Parenting Community today!

Let’s get you the control over the direction your family is going!
The quote I live by: “The opposite of play is not work. It is depression.” – Brian Sutton-Smith

When your child isn’t kind about a mistake you have made

Happy Wednesday!

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We had a really interesting question in the Ninja Parenting Community recently, and I wanted to share about the question, and my thoughts on how to handle it, with you this week!

Mama Llama asks: “how should I handle my 4-year-old realizing that other people get things wrong and how to handle it kindly?
“For example, this morning I asked if you wanted to take a certain car to play with in the sand and he reminded me those cars can’t go in the sand (which is true – we don’t take pull-backed cars in the sand so the gears don’t get messed up) and I said “oh, you’re right, that’s a good idea to leave them out.” And he delightedly yelled “You were wrong!!!”
“This has come up a couple times already, but I definitely don’t want to continue. Any thoughts? Thanks!”

I share, first of all, that this is a marathon-type of thing. It’s not a sprint.

The work of childhood is to understand how our words and actions affect other people.

We obviously do not want our children to the wandering through the world, smugly pointing out when someone else has made a mistake.

And of course we all know what it’s like to be teased in this way, when we’ve gotten something wrong.

The way I see it, we’ve got 3 options to help our kids see how their actions can affect others, when they are not being kind about a mistake that somebody makes: Continue reading “When your child isn’t kind about a mistake you have made”

How to raise trustworthy kids – Talking with Dad and Author Jonathan Greene (Podcast Episode 243)

You’ll love today’s conversation

if you look at your little kids and can’t imagine how they could possibly become functioning – never mind happy or successful – adults.

Dad and author Jonathan Greene shares wisdom, and great stories, with us today!

Our conversation is all about how Jonathan went from being a latchkey kid – who was routinely mugged, and didn’t let it bother him – to a hovering father of young children.

Today he’s a dad of teens who’s formed really great bonds with his son and daughter, and shares today about the choices he made that helped develop those bonds.

Go to for this week’s YouTube video about what to do when your child is sneaking candy and treats that they know are off limits, for the podcast back catalog and all the great links that come up in today’s episode.


And thanks for listening!

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Boring Books are Dangerous – A Conversation with Ashia Ray of (Podcast Episode 218)

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Did you ever wish that you could find just the right book to help your child understand some large issue that you’re just not sure how to talk about?

Then today’s episode is for you – my guest Ashia Ray runs, a website dedicated to helping parents find great books, on every subject.

Listen to find out:
– How to use books to make your parenting life easier and better
– When a book is “age-appropriate”
– Why boring books are dangerous

Read about Ashia’s two most important takeaways, and find links to lots of books and other resources at!


3 Secrets of Happy Parenting:

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Ashia’s Two Most Important Takeaways

Good literature for children – and there’s a lot of it fortunately – can help you accomplish two key things:
1) These books make it easier to talk about hard topics
2) These books make it possible to reclaim your time


Key Links

Click here for episode 194, my conversation with Joshilyn Jackson, New York Times best-selling author of (among other things) The Almost Sisters, my favorite book of 2017.

Click here for episode 191, my conversation with my son Jason in which we discuss helping kids cope with fears – and he accuses me of being Pollyanna-ish (I’ll let you decide for yourself if he is right : )

Click here for Amy Herman’s wonderful book Visual Intelligence… I really want to have Amy on the show. This book comes up a lot on We Turned Out Okay.

Click here for Brad Meltzer’s book series, Ordinary People Change The World


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Podcast Episode 212: What a kid’s behavior tells us – A Conversation with Early Childhood Professors Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky (2017 Favorite)

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So, I got totally sick with bronchitis! I am thankfully on the mend, but I haven’t had a voice suitable for radio at all… Which means I’m extra-happy to bring you this great conversation, a listener favorite from 2017.

Early childhood education professors Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky are in the midst of writing a series of books called Loose Parts, extremely practical books about structuring a kid’s environment to eliminate lots of problems, including temper tantrums!

But, I bet that’s not how they would describe it… Because while we are eliminating the problems, we are fostering really cool stuff in our children – and THAT is what Loose Parts is really about.

Key links at – and thank you so much for listening : ) Continue reading “Podcast Episode 212: What a kid’s behavior tells us – A Conversation with Early Childhood Professors Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky (2017 Favorite)”

Podcast Episode 200: Understanding Where We Come From and How We Got Here – A Conversation with Mom and Biographer Nicola Davison

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Ermagerrrd, Episode 200!!

It is fitting that this particular episode is with a guest who specializes in helping families tell stories – really, in helping people preserve their family legacies.

Nicola Davison, mom

, biographer, and journalist, has hit upon an idea that really resonated with me, so I know it will resonate with you: engaging our parents and grandparents to tell their stories, and to get your kids involved for a multigenerational understanding of where we come from, and how we got here.

Speaking of “how we got here,” I couldn’t let episode 200 go by without talking about how WE got HERE.

And in talking about THAT, we can’t help but discuss how to get where we want to go, and how to help our kids do the same.

Thank you for sticking with me for 200 episodes! It’s an honor to be in your ears, and even more so when you tell a friend about the show, or go to my contact page to share a story or question.

Go to to sign up for the upcoming FREE 5-Day Handle the Holidays Challenge and for the key links Nicola and I talk about this episode. Happy listening! Continue reading “Podcast Episode 200: Understanding Where We Come From and How We Got Here – A Conversation with Mom and Biographer Nicola Davison”