How to raise trustworthy kids – Talking with Dad and Author Jonathan Greene (Podcast Episode 243)

You’ll love today’s conversation

if you look at your little kids and can’t imagine how they could possibly become functioning – never mind happy or successful – adults.

Dad and author Jonathan Greene shares wisdom, and great stories, with us today!

Our conversation is all about how Jonathan went from being a latchkey kid – who was routinely mugged, and didn’t let it bother him – to a hovering father of young children.

Today he’s a dad of teens who’s formed really great bonds with his son and daughter, and shares today about the choices he made that helped develop those bonds.

Go to for this week’s YouTube video about what to do when your child is sneaking candy and treats that they know are off limits, for the podcast back catalog and all the great links that come up in today’s episode.


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Links from today’s conversation:

1) Connect with Jonathan Greene three ways: here for twitter, here for his website,, and here for his account on medium.

2) Click here for Jonathan’s Dad podcast.

3) Click here for my conversation with Gift of Failure author Jessica Lahey, episode 134 of We Turned Out Okay.

4) Click here for Jonathan’s essay, “The Hardest Part of Parenting is Letting Go”

5) Click here for the podcast I just started, More Than Just a School, all about teens, tweens, and learning. I’m on a quest to find out what works in secondary education… and what doesn’t… and WHY. The More Than Just a School podcast comes up because it turns out that Jonathan Greene holds the same disdain for standardized, one-size-fits-all, drill-and-kill education that I do : )


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