How we parents can stop feeling anxious, with author and dad Charlie Hoehn (Podcast Episode 230)

I’m so happy to share

this wonderful conversation with Charlie Hoehn, dad, podcaster, person who helps people publish books, and (most important for our conversation today) author.

Charlie’s book, Play It Away, shares his experience with soul-sucking anxiety, and the simple cure he found.

The thing about this cure is, it’s something humans all do naturally, and it’s as important to us as sleep.

But yet we often grow up and forget how important it is; the lack of this crucial element in Charlie’s life is what caused his terrible anxiety.

If you’re feeling anxious, you are going to love our conversation.

And if you’re not feeling anxious, you’ll still love it because it will help you see the importance of this element in your child’s life.

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Podcast Episode 211: How to Beat the Winter Blahs – A Your Child Explained Episode


Learn exactly how to handle every “Jedi mind trick” your kids toss at you, shout less, and be truly happy at home:

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Today we’ve got help for you, if you’re feeling extremely cooped up in these dark months of the year (for the northern hemisphere, anyway)!

I went to the members of the Ninja Parenting Community and the We Turned Out Okay Facebook group to find out how they beat the winter blahs…

This episode is a compendium of their best ideas!
Thank you everyone who contributed, there were some new ones in here that even I didn’t know about : )

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Podcast Episode 198: Two Key Tactics for Handling Tough Times – a Your Child Explained Episode

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Happy Thanksgiving!

At first glance this may seem a peculiar episode for Thanksgiving Day… parenting through tough times? While for many people holidays are a wonderful time, for some they’re difficult.

Dealing with family members who disagree with your politics; protecting your kids from cheek-pinching, insult-comic-style aged relatives; feeling like you have to justify your life choices – these and more can make it pretty tough.

Today’s parent ninja tactics are going to be awesome for your Thanksgiving table if any of the above is coming into play for you… But they’re even better, even more important to keep in mind, if you are going through some kind of a crisis.

Like a friend of mine, who is going through a tough time – and who asked me to do an episode on how best to handle parenting through crisis.

So whether you are dealing with something momentous in your life, or you are just concerned about how to make it through the day without smacking somebody, this one is for you!

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