Parent Like A Ninja!

How to Parent Like A Ninja

A friend recently said to me, “it’s like my kids have evil Jedi mind tricks!” And it does feel kind of true, doesn’t it? It can make us parents on the receiving end of the mind tricks feel like melting down right alongside our kids.IMG_2104

Maybe that’s why the far-and-away-most downloaded episodes of my podcast – which helps parents of young children worry less and enjoy more, called We Turned Out Okay – give moms and dads of young children the tools to:

Handle Every Temper Tantrum. It’s frightening, worrisome, and, if you’re in public, embarrassing when your toddler or preschooler throws a temper tantrum. One recent podcast episode teaches the method I came up with to help you retain your sanity even when the tantrums are flying fast and furious in your home.
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Make no sound like yes. I know how I feel when somebody tells me “no” – I don’t like hearing it, and I don’t like using it. Sometimes it seems like all we do is say no to our kids, who inevitably howl in frustration! And yet, we have to use it because they can’t have ice cream for dinner every night, or run around the supermarket naked, right? One episode from last September shares my three favorite ways to make no sound like yes, a true parenting ninja tactic if ever there was one!

Keep your cool in the toughest moments. This is where the positive discipline mindset really comes in. When we focus on the strategies to handle even the toughest situations – on the days when we are so run down from lack of sleep or the constant virus running through the house or the difficulties of balancing work and family – when we have a toolbox to use in the every day of raising young children, everybody’s so much happier together.

Below is a list of We Turned Out Okay episodes that really act as resources, teaching you how to combat every evil mind trick your kid can come up with by using your own ninja parent tactics!

Power of Positive Discipline: The Mindset –
3 Ways to Make No Sound Like Yes –
Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics! –

In fact, parents of young children just like you found these how-to episodes so helpful that I decided to combine all these tools into one great toolbox!

Coming April 24, 2016!
Coming April 24, 2016!

That’s how Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics: Key Tools to Handle Every Temper Tantrum, Keep Your Cool, and Enjoy Life With Your Young Child came to be – because listeners to We Turned Out Okay asked for it.

And I’m so excited because the book is finally live in Amazon!

In fact, it’s free to buy through Wednesday, April 27!

I hope Positive Discipline Ninja Tactics provides some great tools for you as you raise your young child.

Click this link – or copy and paste into your browser – to go to the book’s page at Click “Buy now” – and you’re golden!